Conversational Copywriting for Businesses Why Use This Style – Guest Nick Usborne

“Everything important in your life begins with a conversation.”   What and Why of Conversational Copywriting: Have you every heard of conversational copywriting? If yes, good for you! If [...]


3 Easy Ways to Make Your Instagram Stories AMAZING!

What is a “Story,” anyway? Instagram stories and other “Stories” are the newest addition to social media, but they’re arguably one of the most important social aspects for businesses. [...]


How To Create a YouTube Channel Introduction Video

  YouTube has a great new feature for YouTube channels, it’s called the Channel introduction video. What is a YouTube channel introduction video? Stick around, we’re here to [...]


Easy Writing Ideas for Business with Guest Karen McRae

“Start with your customers.” In writing blog posts for your business, the very first step (and probably the most crucial one!) is knowing your target audience. Most businesses now understand the [...]


2 Easy Ways For More Traffic To Your Website!

Getting views, clicks and engagement to your blog posts is something anyone who has an online business constantly things about. How do I get more views? How to I get more traffic? What more can I [...]


5 Places For Free Copyright Free Photos

photo from unsplash.com As anyone who blogs knows … finding copyright free photos for your blog can be a challenging undertaking.  Depending on the amount of blogging you do – paying [...]


Here’s What’s Trending for the 2015 Holiday Season!

As a small business, watching what big business does and getting insights on the retail world can provide you with a nice leverage of information! Vigilink, a content monetizing company has [...]


5 Sites To Submit A Guest Post (and contact info)

As you grow your business and talk to more people about ways to gain exposure – you may have heard of guest blogging. Guest blogging is a way to increase exposure for your business and a [...]


FTC Sends Warning To Social Media Marketers

This week in marketing news the FTC sends out a strong reminder to social media marketers about following the FTC’s guidelines. These key points are a reminder for everyone on disclosures [...]


How To Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly!

Google announced that on April 21st, 2015 all websites need to be mobile friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly – it will have dramatic impacts on your search results. Pretty [...]

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