How to Use YouTube for Business: A Simple 9-Step Guide

By now you’ve probably heard that video marketing is (currently) the most popular digital marketing trend with high expectations for the near future as well. In fact, by 2020 it is expected that [...]


How To Create a YouTube Channel Introduction Video

  YouTube has a great new feature for YouTube channels, it’s called the Channel introduction video. What is a YouTube channel introduction video? Stick around, we’re here to [...]


Using Facebook Live to Build Business – Guest Krista Arthur

“You are not performing. You are having a conversation.” Most businesses recognize the importance of video. By 2019 it’s anticipated that videos will mostly dominate Facebook news feed. One of [...]


How Video Made a Local Consultant Local Famous! – Guest Wei Houng

“Just being active on social media platforms, you can get the word out.”   In the early social media days, using video was new and experimental. Today, video is literally EVERYWHERE. [...]


Video Tips For Businesses! – Guest Joseph McConnell

Well THIS podcast was a lot of fun! Not only do you progressively see my world get darker and darker as a storm rolled through – but Joe was on Survivorman! You’ll get to hear him [...]


12 Holiday Post Ideas For Social Media!

It’s here! Another holiday season is underway. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and whatever else you can come up with to get people to buy. I really think that this year, retail started their [...]


How To Transcribe Your YouTube Videos

Transcribing YouTube Videos has been around for some time, yet it’s a feature that not many people utilize. We’re here to tell you that this can be a costly mistake! Why? YouTube is [...]


How To Add A Subscribe Link To Your Videos

How are you doing on your videos this year?! We hope you’re adding a “Subscribe to our channel” clickable link to all those videos. We want people to subscribe to your channel [...]


FTC Sends Warning To Social Media Marketers

This week in marketing news the FTC sends out a strong reminder to social media marketers about following the FTC’s guidelines. These key points are a reminder for everyone on disclosures [...]


Why Add A Branding Watermark To YouTube Videos?

There are so many exciting features within YouTube. In fact so many that most people don’t have the time to make sure their YouTube channels are optimized with all the great features [...]

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