How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Content

As a business owner, you’ve heard over and over that you need to be on social media.  Social media is like a magical unicorn that can help propel your business upward – but only if you post regularly. So you listened.  You created social media profiles for your business on all platforms.  You started posting […]

Best Video Programs For Work at Home

Disclaimer: We do not have any affiliation with the following companies – however we do use some of these at eJenn Solutions where noted. With so many people staying home to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, video calls or conferencing are a great way to stay in touch (without touching). To help the […]

How Small Businesses Can Stand Out – Guest Scott Saldinger

Setting up a business can be hard. But what’s even more challenging is keeping the sales rolling in! On today’s episode, we are joined by Scott Saldinger, a Senior Account Executive who has over 25 years of experience in major media , digital marketing, and business consultation to name a few. Tune in as Scott […]

How To Create A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media marketing strategies, why you need them was an article we posted last month.  You can read all the reasons WHY having social media strategy is important to your business.  In this article, we’re going to talk about HOW to create a winning social media strategy! In today’s highly digitized world, having an online […]

Building Communities – with Penelope Trunk

Are you an aspiring women entrepreneur? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I had a great time sitting down and chatting with Penelope Trunk, an entrepreneur, writer and journalist. She has played professional beach volleyball, founded four startups and exited two. She’s been named one of “the top ten most influential women in […]

How Facebook Ads Will Benefit Your Business

  We believe that at one point or another, every business owner has asked themselves if Facebook Ads are really worth investing in. First of all, it’s important to discard the thought that you’re going to spend $5 on an ad and you’re going to convert 5 leads automatically into customers. That’s not how it […]

Why Have A Strategy For Social Media Marketing?

Why create a strategy for your social media marketing efforts? There has never been a time more crucial than now for implementing a Social Media Marketing Strategy. We live in an era where people of all ages use devices for hours a day. It’s easy to imagine Gen Z and Gen Y (Millennials) with a […]

Working and Creating a Business – With Chloe Anagnos

  Working full time and dreaming of creating a business for yourself? Fear not for it is possible after all! In this episode, we are joined by a professional writer, digital marketer, and consultant, Chloe Anagnos. She is the publications manager for the American Institute for Economic Research. She is also the founder and principal […]

7 Must-Do Twitter Marketing Tips for Your Business

Christmas has come sooner this year for marketers as Twitter has already published its 2020 major events calendar, which includes all the key dates and events you need to know about and also some helpful notes to guide your approach.  You can use this calendar to plan ahead and stay on top of upcoming Twitter […]

5 Quick Tips for Creating a Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Is Pinterest the Social Media tool we all go looking for inspiration?  Be it for how to decorate your home, deciding what to cook for dinner, or how you can exercise. I think we can agree, there’s one place where to find everything you need: Pinterest.   Right now, Pinterest is the world’s inspiration platform […]

How to Use YouTube for Business: A Simple 9-Step Guide

By now you’ve probably heard that video marketing is (currently) the most popular digital marketing trend with high expectations for the near future as well. In fact, by 2020 it is expected that 80% of content consumed online will be video.    This information most likely made you wonder if your marketing efforts should focus […]

7 Essential Instagram Strategies For Your Business!

Are you wondering if it’s worth investing some of your marketing budgets into Instagram? Or maybe still looking for the best ways to up your social media strategy and increase your revenue? If you are, this article is just what you need right now. Why Instagram For Business? With over 1 billion active monthly users, […]

A Social Media Tip to Grow an (Engaged) Audience

You’ve heard for years now how important social media is for growing your small business, but what does that mean, exactly?  More followers? More friends? More likes?  Yes, to all of the above! But there’s more to it than simple numbers. If you’ve ever tried to up your social media game by searching for social […]

5 Secrets to Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

. “I wish my business were more popular on Facebook.” “If only my brand got more engagement on these Instagram posts.” “I don’t know why my strategy isn’t working. I’ve tried everything to get my followers’ attention.”   Found yourself relating to those statements? It’s really frustrating when your social media marketing efforts aren’t bringing […]

3 Easy Ways To Find Content For Social Media Sites

When you have just started your business, you need to build your brand. To do this you need to be seen and build trust with prospective new customers or clients. Constant social media content is just one way you can showcase your image. By posting about things relevant to your business that interest people you […]

The Complete Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

Social Media is everywhere. It’s the buzzword that has been flying around for some years now. Moreover, businesses discovered that they could tame the ‘social media beast’ and transform it into real help when it comes to reaching out to their audience and engaging with them in an easy and effective way. While finding and […]

5 Social Media Platforms for Scheduled Posts!

  As you know, the need to maintain online presence on several of these platforms at a time and managing content for different platforms is a tricky task even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs. These 5 programs can help lighten the burden when managing content for multiple social sites. You can better mold the substance […]

7 Reasons Businesses Should be Marketing with Social Media

If you run a small business, chances are you are continually working to connect with new customers.  You’re probably also searching for the most cost-effective marketing solutions that fit your limited budget. You are also seeking methods that take into account your limited staff size (especially if it is just you!) and other common challenges […]

Hair Stylists, Instagram and Social Media – Guest Kristin Andrea!

“If you don’t have a social media presence, business will eventually die.” Does your salon take full advantage of social media and its potential reach? It’s free, after all, and is a great way to connect with your customer base. In this episode, we are joined by a beauty insider and educator, Kristin Andrea. She […]

4 Reasons to Implement Employee Engagement in Your Business

In 2019, almost all businesses are embracing the benefits of sharing online content on social media. Maintaining an online presence on social channels brings an increase in traffic, brand awareness and sales conversions, and is an integral piece of modern business marketing. Now with these aspects of sharing your content online mastered, it’s time to […]

Google My Business – What’s Working 2019

What is Google My Business? Google My Business pages have been around for a while.  It’s a free business listing on Google, that when created, allows a business to show up on searches and maps! We have been big supporters of this type of social listing with our clients way back when it was first […]

How a Cannabis Catering Company Uses Social Media! – Guest Chef Jazz

If your business is not yet into Instagram, now is definitely the time to set up an account and get started. Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users with less competition and a more engaged audience than other social media giants. The beauty of using Instagram for business is that the platform isn’t reserved […]

Why Small Businesses Need Yelp (And How to Claim Your Prize Once You Have It)

Consumers are pretty smart these days. Gone are the days of blindly purchasing without much background information. Now, buyers strongly rely on previous customers to decide whether a business or product is right for them. In fact, 74% of “consumers searching online for a local business turn to consumer online review sites at least monthly.” […]

What Happens On The Internet every 60 Seconds 2019

In 2014 we received this really cool graphic from a company that took a look at all the actions happening on Google every 60 seconds. That infographic was pretty impressive. For 2014. Today, we happened upon an updated graphic that we wanted to share with everyone from Smart Insights. Their new version is a snap […]

Funny National Holiday 2019 Social Media Calendar!

It’s that time of year again! No, not the time when we all have to worry about the big guy with a beard making his list (and checking it twice); it’s the time of year when business owners and online marketers are working diligently on next year’s content calendar! What’s that you ask? What’s a […]

Conversational Copywriting for Businesses Why Use This Style – Guest Nick Usborne

“Everything important in your life begins with a conversation.”   What and Why of Conversational Copywriting: Have you every heard of conversational copywriting? If yes, good for you! If not, don’t worry, you are in the right place. Whether you’re a copywriter or a business owner, conversational copywriting is a marketing strategy you can tap […]

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Instagram Stories AMAZING!

What is a “Story,” anyway? Instagram stories and other “Stories” are the newest addition to social media, but they’re arguably one of the most important social aspects for businesses. It started with Snapchat, and Facebook has joined the game most recently, but Instagram is really the sweet spot for sharing stories. While Snapchat was the […]

Have a Side Hustle Using Your Passions – Guest Teresa Cochran

“What you did last year will show up next year. What you did last month will show up next month. What you did yesterday will show up tomorrow. It’s not all instant.”   If you are thinking about having multiple income streams to diversify your income, you might be wondering how to do that. One […]

Why Online Reviews are So Important for Local Businesses

Online customer reviews are an often overlooked aspect of local business’ digital marketing strategy. “It’s nice to get feedback but it doesn’t impact our sales.” “No one reads reviews anyways.” “I’m already advertising my product so I don’t need to keep up with reviews, too.” If this sounds like your business’ current approach to reviews, […]

Best Photos For Business Websites and Social Media!

  In today’s visual society, photos have a strong capability to improve and grow a business online. Be careful though–this powerful tool can also be your content’s downfall. In our latest seminar, we chatted with Rinat Halon Neal who shared her expert advice on how to make photos really work for your business.   Rinat […]

Using Twitter For Business – With ManageFlitter CEO

 “Our tool helps you get more out of twitter.” Twitter can sometimes be challenging to use for businesses.  Find out if the way you are using Twitter is effectively helping your business.  Today we hear from Kevin Garber.  Kevin gives us his Twitter insights, and we learned more about his useful Twitter management program, ManageFlitter. […]

How to Have Your Music or Performance Discovered!

Many performers use social media to promote themselves, whether they’re just trying to break into the music world or an up and coming artist. Social Media, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. can be a prime place for talent to be recognized.   These channels aren’t only used by the talent themselves, but also by […]

How To Create a YouTube Channel Introduction Video

  YouTube has a great new feature for YouTube channels, it’s called the Channel introduction video. What is a YouTube channel introduction video? Stick around, we’re here to help. What is a YouTube Channel Introduction Video? Very simply, this video is created to introduce new people to your YouTube channel! It’s something we highly recommend […]

How Social Media Helped This Entrepreneur’s Business – Guest Kim Trotman

“The digital real estate that you own is your website, not social media.” Are you using social media for your business? If your answer is no, maybe now is the time to take a step back and think about your strategy. Effective use of social media can have all the benefits including and not limited […]

What Fake News and Less Consumer Trust Means to Businesses

“Fake news” has been a hot topic keyword since the last US election. Media sources from all sides were sharing false news stories and information that was later exposed as “fake news.” Since then, the general public has shown a fair skepticism to trust the organizations around them. According to LinkedIn, trust in businesses, media, […]

Using Facebook Live to Build Business – Guest Krista Arthur

“You are not performing. You are having a conversation.” Most businesses recognize the importance of video. By 2019 it’s anticipated that videos will mostly dominate Facebook news feed. One of Facebook’s newest tools is Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows users to broadcast and connect with their audience REAL TIME. Although it hasn’t been around that […]

Easy Writing Ideas for Business with Guest Karen McRae

“Start with your customers.” In writing blog posts for your business, the very first step (and probably the most crucial one!) is knowing your target audience. Most businesses now understand the importance of high-quality content for a blog. But what exactly factors into writing a high-quality written blog post? In today’s episode, Karen McRae, the […]

How Video Made a Local Consultant Local Famous! – Guest Wei Houng

“Just being active on social media platforms, you can get the word out.”   In the early social media days, using video was new and experimental. Today, video is literally EVERYWHERE. Research says that 80% of people prefer watching video rather than reading a blog. Recently, there’s been an added twist with using videos in […]

Using Quora For Business with Suzanne Ayotte

“The thing about social media is they all have their own language.”   Nowadays, the ‘world wide web’ is jam-packed with useful, entertaining, and educational platforms to spend time, not to mention important places for brands and businesses to connect with their audience. Social media is everywhere and is vastly expanding. However, social media isn’t […]

How to Comment and Like Facebook Business Pages as Your Business Page!

Feeling frustrated at learning how to use your Facebook Business Page for more engagement?  We all know how to engage (like, comment and share) on Facebook with our personal profiles – but doing with your Facebook Business Page leaves you stumped! Never fear, the eJenn Solutions team is here!  We’ll show you step by step […]

2 Smartphone Hacks For Better Social Media Photos! – Guest Rinat Halon Neal

“As small business owners, we still have to show our presence online.” Do you take photos to post on your business’s blog, website, or social networks? Nowadays, taking high quality images is an absolute MUST. Luckily, if you don’t have a high-end digital SLR camera, it’s no problem! You don’t need a fancy camera to […]

How SEO Helps Your Business – Guest Cory Freitas

Wondering what an impact SEO or no SEO on your website has for your business, you’ll want to listen to this podcast! We had a chance to sit down with Cory Freitas of Digiwei. About Cory Freitas With a background in marketing, project management, and data analysis, Cory excels at empowering DigiWEI clients by teaching […]

How to Make Your Pinterest Post Click-Worthy

Business owners spend a lot of cash when it comes to marketing their businesses. Today there are different and easier ways one can market their business online to generate more sales, one of which is the use of Pinterest. Pinterest is a simple way of selling your products to users online through the use of […]

Video Tips For Businesses! – Guest Joseph McConnell

Well THIS podcast was a lot of fun! Not only do you progressively see my world get darker and darker as a storm rolled through – but Joe was on Survivorman! You’ll get to hear him tell his tale right around the 21:00 mark! About Joe McConnell, Nums Films: Nums Films offers a series of […]

How a Photographer Grew His Business Using Social Media – Guest Patrick Stinnett

Excited to have … yes, my brother, on the podcast this week! Patrick is co-owner of Stinnett Studios that he runs with his wife Dana Stinnett! Not only did Patrick grow his business using social media, but he used social media to LEARN his business too. About Patrick Stinnett of Stinnett Studios: For the last […]

How Photos Help Your Business – Interview With Rinat Halon Neal!

Did you like the photo Rinat allowed us to use for this blog post above? … did it make you feel happy!? Wellll… I had the chance to sit down and talk with Rinat Halon Neal about photography and her business! She has created a system 8 years ago that helps connect small businesses online […]

Realtors Using Social Media – Guest Kathy Williams

This post is part of the eJenn Solutions podcast series!  This is episode #2 with Guest Kathy Williams.  Listen in as we learn about Kathy’s business, how she’s become successful as a Realtor in Orlando and how she’s used social media in her career as a Real Estate Agent! About Kathy Williams – Orlando Realtor: […]

Social Media Work vs. Social Media Strategy

Before posting anything on social media, it’s important to understand the difference between working on social media posts and having a social media strategy. Although on the surface they may seem the same, there are big difference both in costs and results. Social Media Work Essentially, social media work involves creating and publishing posts. You […]

Facebook Live Stats That Will Surprise You!

In the beginning, live streaming was about sharing on-the-spot content and favorite moments. It worked quite well for this purpose and still does. Live videos have also taken on a new role in marketing. They’ve become a powerful tool to reach your target audience. Reasons You Need to Use Facebook Live Video Facebook has more […]

How Much Should You Spend On Social Media

Determining the ROI and value of social media marketing can be tricky. There are many “soft” factors that go into this metric, including new subscribers, new product discoveries, exposure, and connecting with new people. While those factors are tough to quantify, conversions are not. Publishing great content, whether people immediately sign up for anything (a […]

Phishing Schemes and Hacks – Information To Know

Hacking and Phishing Schemes seem to be on the rise. This includes more sophisticated efforts from hackers on social media. Getting hacked as a small business or individual can lead to some devastating results. Financial loss, data loss, identity loss and more. I (Jennifer) was hacked in February. While I work on the interwebs and […]

How to Verify Your Business Facebook Page!

If you haven’t already done this … hop to it! Verifying your Facebook Business page will allow you to rank higher in searches! It’s also going to become important for trust factors with the consumer. Along with Facebook giving pages a higher ranking with verifications … 3rd party platforms may not be able to work […]

How Can You Monitor Clients Post’s To Interact? – Q & A

Question from a reader: “I have a quick question. Is there a way to aggregate or get notifications of when our clients (ABC Firm) post articles on LinkedIn or even FB? I’ve asked Hootsuite if they have this feature, but they do not. I’ve done a little research but have come up with nothing. I […]

How Much Does Social Media Cost?

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?   How much does social media cost? Sometimes followed by the “What’s the ROI of Social Media?” For this blog post, we’re going to focus on a version of these questions. In reality, what you should be wondering is, “What does social media cost ME and my business?” […]

Why Outsource Your Social Media?

Should You Outsource Your Social Media Marketing?   Businesses are created to help others and to make money. While you may be keeping the budget strings tight, you may wonder, why would someone want to spend money on outsourcing their social media? Everyone knows how to do a post on Facebook, tweet a tweet on […]

12 Holiday Post Ideas For Social Media!

It’s here! Another holiday season is underway. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and whatever else you can come up with to get people to buy. I really think that this year, retail started their Christmas rush way, way, way too early. (For me personally) That being said … you should already have your holiday strategy going […]

Twitter Gives You More Space!

Twitter has become one of the most prominent social media platforms because it is very diverse.  It allows you to share both pictures and text.  Whether you are advertising a new product or sharing an idea it can all be done from Twitter.  Twitter has a unique theme to it, you can only Tweet 140 […]

3 Important Takeaways From Pew Research’s Social Media Report

Social media and digital news have been under a microscope recently. From false news to rumors, social media has had plenty of scrutiny. Pew wanted to find out more about social media and our interaction with it. Here are 3 important takeaways from the Pew Research.   Americans have low trust in information from social […]

Have you been Shadowbanned on Instagram?

Feeling like you just aren’t getting the likes and exposure each time you post a new photo on Instagram? There are a lot of reasons this can happen. It’s possible that the timing of your post just wasn’t a good time for exposure. You may not have had a very interesting photo that was relatable […]

Google Helps You Leverage Your Reviews!

With so many options available, having a Google My Business page as a local business is so smart! It often makes us wonder, how are businesses still not on this platform? We’re still amazed at how many local businesses aren’t fully taking advantage of everything Google can do for a business owner. This is good […]

When Should You Outsource Your Social Media

As many of you know, we always try to create content that is valuable to you and your business.  Most of the posts here on eJenn Solutions are all questions that have been asked or helpful tools to help you problem solve. While this post is not a direct question we’ve been asked, it does […]

How To Calculate Your ROI on Ads

Thinking about running ads on Facebook or Google and wondering how to track your ROI? It’s actually simple to do the math on that investment. The hard part is getting the right figures and the right tracking set up so you can get a clear picture of the investment.   How Are You Tracking Ads […]

What is ShadowBanned?

We love using hashtags! In fact when I (Jennifer Stinnett) was interviewed on a podcast a few weeks ago, we had hashtag trivia! Even Wei Houng, the podcast host was surprised by how many hashtags you can put on YouTube! (Did YOU know you can hashtag in YouTube? Not many people do!) With hashtag love […]

Facebook Business Apps You Need

If you are like most entrepreneurs and business owners – you tend to do things as efficiently as you can. One of those efficient ways is probably using your mobile phone to post on Facebook! If you have been struggling lately with being able to post as your page or even do live video from […]

5 Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire SEO Help

So, you need help with making your business visible in search and on social media websites. You’re not alone. Sixty-three percent of modern business owners report their greatest challenge is generating enough website traffic and leads. If you’re unfamiliar with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, how do you know who’s full of baloney? Read […]

New Feature: Google My Business Posts!

UPDATED January 14, 2019 The Google My Business “Posts” feature continues to be a very useful, and woefully underused, tool.  While the basic mechanism of “Posts” remains the same, Google has made some major improvements in how you use it.  You can find the updated walk through at the end of this blog! We’ve been so excited about this new […]

How To Get Into Your Google Business Page!

One of the questions most of my business owners ask me is “How do I get into my Google Business page?”. It can seem very confusing and at times, it’s hard to think of Google as having a social component. In the past, we always relied on content to get us up on Google page […]

Google My Business and Google Brand Pages – Which One?

Google My Business or Google Brand: Which Is Best? Over the course of my career, I have worked with countless small business owners that have had a love-hate relationship with marketing. Although each have absolutely understood how important it is to develop a brand and distribute your message, it can often seem complicated given the […]

Facebook Addresses Fake News with Photo Change!

Facebook addresses fake news (and really click bait issues too) with their new photo, headline and description change coming up on July 17th! You’ll no longer be able to customize your posts and others won’t as well. If you haven’t already heard or made your web developer aware, Facebook is making some changes to the […]

Best Time To Post on Facebook!

We get this question a lot:  What’s the best time to post on Facebook? More specifically, what is the best time to post on your Facebook Business page so I’ll reach the most people! Most people will send you to an article filled with stats that tell you the best times to post based on […]

How To Write A Traffic Generating Facebook Post!

When the eJenn Solutions team is hired to do a social media audit with recommendations – we have the opportunity of looking at a lot of different Facebook pages.  Some clients have tens of thousands of fans, some have just under a few hundred fans.  The differences in industry range far in between too: Professional […]

What is a Facebook Dark Post?

Facebook dark posts, have you heard this term before?  We use this term often and have heard other marketers use it as well.  It may be a bit of online marketer slang, but it has a very simple explanation. Facebook dark posts are simply posts that are unpublished to your Facebook page news feed.  In […]

Why Facebook Ad Clicks Are More Than Google Analytics Show

Have you been confused looking at your Facebook ad campaigns at Facebook’s reported link clicks vs. what you see as traffic coming from Facebook in Google Analytics? We have!! As an online marketer running campaigns, it stumped me when we tried to explain why this was happening. So, I’ll share with you the fun little […]

How To Implement Calls To Action: Social Media and Website

As we consult and do audits on websites and social media accounts, we always find room for improvement on company sites every single time. One of the biggest and yet easiest things to fix and improve with your online marketing strategy is the use of CTA’s (Call-To-Action). What is a Call-To-Action? A call to action […]

Top 10 Links Every Small Business Should Bookmark

We’ve love to help out business’s even if they aren’t able to utilize our services! So we thought we’d put together this short post to help everyone along with their online marketing efforts. We of course would love to assist in proper set-up, optimizing and how to post to these sites – but these should […]

How A Social Media Editorial Calendar Helps Your Business

Sосiаl media is essential whеn it соmеѕ to your business, еѕресiаllу if уоu rеlу hеаvily оn the Intеrnеt tо gеnеrаtе warm lеаdѕ. With all оf the vаriоuѕ ѕосiаl mеdiа аррliсаtiоnѕ аvаilаblе, it can be a challenge to mаnаgе thеm. Thаt’ѕ whеrе a ѕосiаl media саlеndаr or an editorial calendar bесоmеѕ a hаndу tооl! An editorial […]

How To Transcribe Your YouTube Videos

Transcribing YouTube Videos has been around for some time, yet it’s a feature that not many people utilize. We’re here to tell you that this can be a costly mistake! Why? YouTube is wonderful for those of us that love the visual side of things – but the problem with video is that what is […]

Why Google Reviews Are So Important For Local Businesses

Have you created your Google+ Local Business page yet? Google’s search algorithm is evolving continuously. From time to time, the search giant tweaks its algorithm, sending waves across the internet. Since Google is the most popular search engine in the world, it is kind of mandatory for businesses to make changes to their online marketing […]

How To Export Your LinkedIn Connections Emails

Have you harnessed the power of Facebook ads yet? If you’re like most of us, you’ve been running ads to promote your page, boost your website posts, creating app download ads and more. If you’ve dabbled in this area, you most likely have realized that creating the right ad for conversions can be tricky. Running […]

2 Easy Ways For More Traffic To Your Website!

Getting views, clicks and engagement to your blog posts is something anyone who has an online business constantly things about. How do I get more views? How to I get more traffic? What more can I do!? Sometimes we focus so much on content, SEO and social media, that we don’t see some very simple […]

Should You Post Your Instagram Photos to Twitter? (Cross-posting)

Updated: 4/28/2020 to include new Twitter character limit changes from 140 to 280. LinkedIn now accepts hashtags in their posts. As small business owners and entrepreneurs – we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes and increase efficiency in everything we do. Many times when I’m asked to do an audit of a company’s […]

The Social Media Platforms We Love and Use!

Everyone is always looking for ways to make to make posting to social media a little easier for themselves. If you are a small business owner not yet ready to invest in employee time to this medium of marketing or you’re trying to do everything yourself – using platforms are the way to go. Why […]

How Many Hashtags Should You Use On Instagram?

How many hashtags does it take to get noticed on Instagram? This is one of the questions I hear over and over. Not only am I asked this question repeatedly, but I myself have monitored how my posts do with a lot or a little amount of hashtags in them. Then when I get a […]

What 167 People Said About Twitter Direct Messages!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you read about using social media for business will actually work for your business. There are many ideas floating around out there and you can read about a particular idea that someone utilized in their online marketing that worked really great for them and produced wickedly great results, but […]

How To Increase Your Twitter Stats!

Looking for ways to increase your tweet views, engagement and followers? Awesome, you came to the right place! First things first … if you want to increase your followers by millions in 30 days,this is NOT the post for you. This Twitter tip is for those businesses interested in engaging, creating great twitter content and […]

How To Add Facebook Event Content With No Events!

Here is a great way to keep your Facebook Business page filled with event content … without having events of your own! I love this little feature because not only do you create content for you, but you are engaging within your own industry or local area! Anything that can create engagement with your Facebook […]

Do You Know Your Social Selling Score?

  I’m sure everyone has heard over and over again … “You have to be on social media”, “You have to have an online social presence” and the statement “Your business will fail if you are not on social sites”… While some of these comments / statements you hear can be a bit extreme, there […]

Why You Should Be Pinning Your Tweets!

Have you had a chance to see or use the pinning feature on Twitter yet? Isn’t this an exciting little function available to businesses? I thought I would share some ways that this feature could help in your business objectives and why, if you’re not already using this feature – I highly encourage you to […]

How To Add A Subscribe Link To Your Videos

How are you doing on your videos this year?! We hope you’re adding a “Subscribe to our channel” clickable link to all those videos. We want people to subscribe to your channel so they’ll get new notifications of new videos from you! How to add a clickable “Subscribe” link to Your YouTube Videos: — Go […]

Why Posting Consistently on Social Media Pays Off!

With all the “noise” out on social media it may seem to some businesses as waste of time to post on social sites. This is even more of a justification to those of you that have limited staff to generate daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube videos, Periscope, aaaannnndddd the list goes […]

5 Places For Free Copyright Free Photos

photo from Updated (July 21, 2019): removed a site that no longer offers royalty / copyright free photos As anyone who blogs knows … finding copyright free photos for your blog can be a challenging undertaking.  Depending on the amount of blogging you do – paying for photos on sites like iStockPhoto or DepositPhotos […]

How To Stop Group Notifications on Facebook

So you are included in a group you like on Facebook but you’re getting too many notification on your Facebook app. Here’s how you can change or turn off getting that groups notifications! For the desktop version….. Log into your personal Facebook profile Click this link to find your group you want to change: Your […]

3 Reason You Need a Local Twitter Strategy!

Twitter has always been a favorite platform for me. I can engage quickly with new people and it provides me with so much information quickly. I love how magazines and news sites syndicate their content out to their feed – it provides me with a quick run down of topics they are currently discussing. I […]

Here’s What’s Trending for the 2015 Holiday Season!

As a small business, watching what big business does and getting insights on the retail world can provide you with a nice leverage of information! Vigilink, a content monetizing company has supplied a great infographic based on reports published. Instead of reading lengthy reports, they’ve narrowed down the important pieces and supplies a great easy […]

5 Sites To Submit A Guest Post (and contact info)

As you grow your business and talk to more people about ways to gain exposure – you may have heard of guest blogging. Guest blogging is a way to increase exposure for your business and a way to gain more traffic for your business website. It’s also a great way to build relationships and it’s […]

FTC Sends Warning To Social Media Marketers

This week in marketing news the FTC sends out a strong reminder to social media marketers about following the FTC’s guidelines. These key points are a reminder for everyone on disclosures for contests, sweepstakes, paid influencers, videos, reviews, blogger outreach and even how Twitter should be handled. You can read the full article here on […]

How To Put a URL on Instagram Photos

Many businesses today are solely run online without a brick and mortar location. That leaves many without the value of utilizing location targeting with their social profile locations. An example of this is Google+ business pages. If you don’t have a physical address or location, you’ll need to create a branding page vs. a local […]

Tweets Now Show Up In Google Search!

We’ve always been a fan about using Twitter. Twitter is such a simple platform and a simple concept – 140 characters to say what you want … but it’s also one of the platforms that gives people the most trouble. It’s complicated to work within if you are not familiar with the culture or understand […]

Facebook Ads in Carousel Form!

It’s no secret to anyone that works with us that we love, love, love Facebook advertising. The reasons to love it are a long list of positives. Now, there’s even more to love! Facebook Carousel Ads Facebook has rolled out a new option with Facebook advertising. You may have seen the new format in your […]

Why Did My Facebook Page Likes Drop?

Some of you may have noticed that this past week your Facebook page “like” number dropped a bit. The drop in the number of likes has affected all our business owners pages to some extent. The issue of the lost “likes” on Facebook business pages was addressed by Facebook on their blog. Overview of this […]

How To Test If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly!

Google announced that on April 21st, 2015 all websites need to be mobile friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly – it will have dramatic impacts on your search results. Pretty scary when your site is your source of income – so take note! To read Google’s full website announcement click here: Google Mobile Friendly […]

How To Add Twitter Buttons To Your Blog

You use twitter and want to integrate your website or blog with your twitter account by allowing people to easily follow you. Let’s talk about how that works, why you should use it and best practices for using those buttons! Twitter buttons for your website – What are they? The Tweet button allows everyone who […]

How To Get More LinkedIn Company Page Followers!

So you created a LinkedIn company page and your doing posts that are specific to your company on the LinkedIn Company page daily …. now what? How To Get More LinkedIn Company Page Followers! 1. Get your employees and peers to follow your business – Let employees and your peers know you have a company […]

Tips For LinkedIn Company Pages!

If you own a business and haven’t already created a company page – get going! Not only is this a great way to separate your personal business self with your business information – it has some great features that make it online valuable! Company pages represent just that … your company. It includes information on […]

Adding A Legacy Contact On Facebook

What happens to your Facebook profile if you should pass away? It’s a question that has been in the minds of many people. It’s also a sad reminder of life in general. The issue has just been addressed by Facebook. Facebook has just announced a new feature called “Legacy Contact” which will allow you to […]

Net Neutrality – Your Vote

There is an important vote coming up … Net Neutrality is again at stake. What is Net Neutrality and how does it effect you? Who else can explain it better than ….. On Feb 26 the FCC will vote to save net neutrality or let Comcast and other ISPs create Internet slow lanes. Some members […]

Why Add A Branding Watermark To YouTube Videos?

There are so many exciting features within YouTube. In fact so many that most people don’t have the time to make sure their YouTube channels are optimized with all the great features offered. Adding a branding watermark does a number of things for you as the channel owner. It’s a very easy way to get […]

Using Other People’s Content and Photos – Don’t Be THAT Person

Many people, including myself, have likened the internet in some ways to the wild west. Once things were free to all, it became a place of no rules, anything goes and basically a legal hot mess initially. One of the most common issues still plaguing the internet is use of created content – video, music, […]

Have You Created Your “Say Thanks” Facebook Video?

Remember last year when Facebook created that cute “look back” video to celebrate their 10 year anniversary? Well, the Facebook team has done it again with a cute video and way to #SayThanks to your friends! I have to admit … it’s pretty darn cute to see the things you’ve done with some of your […]

Cool Smartphone Hacks To Create Great Pictures!

We all know everyone loves a fun or creative photo on social media. Creativity towards your business and business products is just great marketing. That leaves us with the thought, how do you do some of those creative photos without purchasing all that expensive equipment? Well, leave it to eJenn Solutions to find a few […]

How To Add A Manager To Your Google+ Page!

UPDATED January 2016: Watch Actual YouTube “how to add Google+ Manager” for 2016 by clicking here Here is a quick and easy step by step instruction to help you give someone “manager” access to your Google + Branding or Google+ Local page. In order to add managers, you must be the “Owner” of your Google+ […]

How To Improve Your Facebook SEO

SEO is a fun topic isn’t it? While our company doesn’t focus on SEO, we do partner with some great SEO companies! The reason we partner with SEO companies is for the fact that SEO and Social Media go hand in hand. To that extent, having 2 great companies work together on your online efforts […]

Can You Use Hashtags On Google+

This is probably the one question we get a lot of emails on which is the question “Can you use hashtags (#) on Google+”? Yes, yes you can! As of today’s date, Google+ is making it even more interesting and hashtag friendly! There are 2 ways to add and use hashtags on Google+. The first […]

LinkedIn Profiles: Are You Using Custom Backgrounds?

Earlier this year, LinkedIn premium accounts received the privilege of creating a customized background image on their LinkedIn Profiles. You may have noticed this on some profiles as you clicked your way through LinkedIn. Now, custom backgrounds are being rolled out to everyone. Here’s how easily you can update, freshen up and add a custom […]

Personal Relationships Vs. Social Media

Technology evolves daily, but the importance of relationships remains the same. No matter what happens out there in the marketing world, the way to great business remains this: it’s who you know, what you know, and what they think of you. So treat them well. Exclamation mark. As social media grows and face to face […]

How To Create a Brand Intro Video On YouTube!

UPDATE September 2015: YouTube no longer allows you to upload and automatically add a 3-second video to your new videos or existing videos. This feature has been disabled. The same principals for an intro video apply below – however you will have to edit your intro video into each new video you create and upload […]

Optimizing Your YouTube Channel

So you have a YouTube channel and a few videos on it. You may have minimal views, few subscribers and you many be disappointed time and effort it took to do those videos without results. We find most client accounts need just a quick fix to some of the foundation basics of their YouTube channel. […]

10 Sites To Submit Your Press Release For Free

Did something special happen at your business? Do you have a big event coming up that you want to get out on the web? If you’re searching for a cheap way to submit your press release – the following sites may help you! Before you submit your release, to get the best exposure for your […]

What Is A Brand Intro On YouTube?

Here’s a simple but often asked question I get when clients want to start doing YouTube videos. If starting a video series or just videos in general, creating a “Brand Intro” for your campaign can assist with branding and quickly identify your logo or website. The most asked question is … What’s a Brand Intro […]

Free Exposure in Gmail For Your Business!

Yes … I’m on the Google+ soap box again! With good reason! All of our clients are active on Google+ and the results are paying of! Google keeps implementing new ways to increase exposure and they are doing it well! If you are a user of Gmail – you’ve probably noticed that when another gmail […]

Why Social Media is so Important For SEO

Everything online is destined to change … new algorithms, new designs and new sites with new ideas. Consistently challenging anyone who works or uses the online world. (Isn’t that everyone at this point?) I found the following infographic done by Search Engine Land … it’s especially helpful. It’s an easy way for someone to review […]

Social Advertising: The History

I found this great infographic from that showcases the history of Social advertising. It’s a great timeline of when social sites were founded and when their platform began to allow advertising. As you will see … a lot has changed within the last few years on the social media landscape!

How To Get Google Analytics On Your Google+ Page!

Google has made it easier for you to view your website and page analytics! There are 2 types of information / anayltics you can view on your Google + pages. This depends on which type of page you have set up on Google+: Google+ Local and Google+ Business / Branding pages. You should know the […]

Difference Between Google+ Local and Google+ Branding Page

UPDATED 2018 POST HERE: One of the confusing things on Google Plus for people is the difference between a Google+ Local page and a Google+ branding page. Which one should you have and which one is better for your business? Google+ Local pages: These are pages that should be created for anyone that has a […]

eJenn Solutions Favorite WordPress Plugins!

One of the questions we’re asked the most is … “What plugins should I use for my wordpress site?”. It’s a question that really can’t be answered by sharing the names of the plugins because inevitably … we need to explain what each plugin does and why we like it so much. We’re ready to […]

Google + and YouTube Integrate!

I have always been a big supporter of Google+, from a profile standpoint and from a business page standpoint. It was easy to see how the integration of social interations into a search medium could potentially be huge personally and business wise. Interesting changes happened awhile back with YouTube integrating more deeply into Google+ profiles. […]

Soon You Can Shop Right On Google Hangouts!

Well if this isn’t a blend of everything fantastic! It’s one thing to see a favorite photo of clothes for sale on Pinterest or on a website … but now … you can take the video experience into a direct sale! Google showcased what I think is going to be the next big thing … […]

Looking Good On Skype or Google Hangouts!

The world is becoming a smaller place! While I love the filtering capabilities that social sites are now providing us when we upload our photos to share with the world … we’re still left with the harsh realities of HD video and creepy webcam’s. If you have done any amount of video conferencing or videos, […]

Short Reference Sheet for Google+

Getting started on Google+? It’s a whole different look and feel and very honestly for me, it was a bit intimidating. Why? Because Google is the #1 search and website tool used by the world. I wondered and worried about how my content and personal life might be integrated into this platform. Turns out — […]

What Your Favorite Social Site Says About You!

For a little fun today – I thought I would share with you an infographic created by digital information world called – What your favorite social site says about you! So, think about the site you use and gravitate to the most and read the following infographic below! Created by

How To Embed A Facebook Video On Your Blog

Happy 10th Anniversary Facebook! Did everyone get that great video montage of your photos and posts that you shared over the years? If not – you can get your own copy here: (Assuming you have a Facebook Profile) Did you know you can embed that video in a blog post or on your website? […]

Website builders – Professional Vs. Amateurs

As the internet evolves and we see a need for better ways to do things – new companies will continually be formed to help in these needs. One such case is websites. Previously to have a good website you needed a designer and developer. If you were an amateur – you depended on templates and […]

Brand Advocates – Will It Work For B2B Sales?

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about the differences in a brand ambassador and a brand advocate. Today I’d like to share with you an interesting study as well as a very informative interview about brand advocates. First, let’s look at a technology B2B buyer and their online purchasing habits: According to […]

Ideas For Foursquare Mayors Rewards

One of the questions I get asked is what kinds of rewards can be offered to Foursquare Mayors? Not sure what a Foursquare Mayor is? “Mayor” status is for the patrons who have checked in to a given location the most times in the past 60 days. Learn more details of “Mayorship” with Foursquare here:(What’s […]

How To Find Local Twitter Followers!

One of the purposes of this blog is to help people with their social media endeavors.  What one question is on everyone’s mind? How Do I Find Local Twitter Followers? Finding a targeted segment on Twitter such as twitter accounts in your own community can be a challenge. With over 500 Million Twitter accounts – […]

What’s The Best Time To Post On Your Facebook Page?

It’s a question I hear a lot from clients. It’s also a “fact” most clients tell me off of an article they have read in the latest blog or national media company’s website. Stating times to post on any social site to me is the equivalent of stating how the housing market is doing. Everyone […]

What’s The Difference Between a Brand Advocate and a Brand Ambassador?

There is a lot of talk about Brand Advocate’s and Brand Ambassadors lately. I thought I would address this terminology issue to help clarify the differences. Brand Advocates: Simply put, a brand advocate is a person or customer who speaks of a brand in a positive way. These are people who have purchased a product […]

When Customers Attack!

7 Hours & counting with no response from @British_Airways. Guess they don't care about customer service or Twitter, LOL —  (@HVSVN) September 3, 2013 Of course by now you’ve probably heard all about the guy who promoted a British Airline tweet. Not only is his story in the news, but his actions and what […]

Boost Your LinkedIn Network With The New LinkedIn Contacts!

Just a quick post to make sure everyone has updated their LinkedIn profile to support the new LinkedIn contacts feature that has started to roll out. Not everyone will automatically get this feature. If you wish to be adventurous and get a head start on your peers / competition, follow this link to the new […]

How To Get Your App On The Top 10 In The Apple Store

Everyone wants to have their app reach the top charts in Apple’s app store. Lots of media dollars are spent to achieve this. What does it take to get on the top charts? Here’s information and an infographic from Trademob to show you how! Getting your app ranking in the US Market is a challenge. […]

What Is a Hashtag And How Do I Use It?

If you are just getting your feet wet with social media you may read or hear the term “Hashtags”. Many people hear it, but are often not sure what it is, what it does and how to use them! What are hashtags – the short history: The hashtag was originally used thruought Internet Relay Chat […]

Don’t Forget to Love Your Website!

As I see clients become successful on Facebook, there is an interesting switch that I see happen. They become so excited at the new fanbase and seem to focus on all aspects of their new found “likers” on their business pages. We’re always excited to see Facebook pages take off, but I always say “remember […]

Tuesday Twitter Tweaks!

Twitter … the fun social site that everyone struggles with! There are so many reasons to use twitter for blogging, for business, and just for fun social interaction! While I’m working on clients accounts, I will occasionally Re-tweet an item and give the original tweet a bit more impact. I thought I would start sharing […]

Don’t Say “Walk Of Shame Last Night?” In Your Facebook Ad!

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing grumblings, sad stories and unhappiness as restaurant and bar owners are having their Facebook pages “banned”. Why was my business page banned? How do I un-ban it? What did I do to get my business page banned? Why can’t I run Facebook ads? Here are a few […]

How To Make An Image Clickable!

Do you have an image that you want to place on your blog or website that when the image is clicked, it takes the user to a specific blog post or another website / blog? Creating a clickable image is great for ads in WordPress blogs in the sidebar. Or perhaps you have an image […]

George Takei Nailed It!

I’m sure by now if you’ve spent any time on Facebook you’ve seen the smiling face of George Takei pop up at some point in your newsfeed. You either are a fan of his page or your sphere of friends are and they’re sharing his posts with you. You can’t avoid him, he’ll be there […]

Google + is Making it Easier For Brands!

Some new developments to share with everyone regarding Google+ Branding pages. They now allow the brand to interact with personal individuals. Previously, this was set up the same as Facebook; only branding pages could interact with other branding pages. Now, it seems Google has allowed branding pages to interact with individual profiles. THIS is a […]

Content Creators – The Importance in Social Media

With the end of the year upon us and the beginning of a new year ahead of us, marketing strategies are being or have been revamped. Many companies are on social sites, yet still seem to be struggling with what to post, how to post, what will actually drive revenue to their products and services. […]

Subscribe for the Latest Social Media News, Tips and Thoughts!

As we work on all our client sites, we know that social media changes fast and content needs to be created quickly! It’s our upcoming goal to start providing more tips to everyone, not just our clients. 2013 will be even better for all of us! To start the process, eJenn Solutions will be mobile […]

Social Media ROI – We’ve Been Looking at it Wrong!

Let’s face it … the elephant in the room, the question always asked and a provided answer that’s either spun, avoided or honestly answered that leaves very few people happy: What’s the ROI of Social Media? While there are so many ways to use social media for your company/brand … Twitter can be used as […]

Trust on the Internet

Today Bing and Microsoft have announced a new partnership that would show a persons Klout score in Bing search results. It seems the need to have trust on the internet is something we are all looking for. Which brings to mind the following: How much of an online reputation do you have? The lines between […]

Facebook Posts – How are they doing?

Just thought I would do a quick blog post / Facebook tip for everyone! Have you wondered how each of your Facebook posts do once you post your content on your Facebook Business Page? You might see the likes, the shares and the comments … but what is your reach, viral component of each like […]

Not All Facebook Pages Are Created Equal

Are you posting content to multiple Facebook pages? It’s easy to get into a flow and just post content to get content up on a site. This is especially true for those of us that have so many things going on. Business owners running multiple businesses or even being an “army of one” in their […]

Cheating The Consumer

It never fails, the request for a marketer to get 20,000 Facebook likes within 30 days or 25,000 twitter followers in 15 days. Can this be done? … sure! Will I do it for someone? No. When those type of requests would come my way, I used to politely educate the person on the proper […]

Deal Dot Com’s vs. Small Business

It’s the deal of deals … Groupon, Living Social, Yipit, DealsbyGolly …. the list goes on. What are the effects on small businesses? Good or bad? While a lot of press is given to the bad of utlizing these deals for small businesses, we’d like to focus on the good. Or rather some ideas that […]

Make It Easy For Me!

As we go about working on our client accounts, there are a few tips that I can share with others out there. Today’s tip is all about things you can do to get your message spread a little easier. What’s the magic banana you ask?? Make It Easy For Me! As a blogger, I’m approached […]

Do You Have Klout?

What is Klout and why should you care? Klout, in a simple definition, is the overall measurement of your online presence or your “Social Credit Score”. Why should you care about your Klout score or your online influence? Joe Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Klout, says, “Consumers should care because it affects the way employers, […]

5 Ideas For Your QR Codes

Since we’ve formed our partnership with The Active Business Network group located out of Denver Colorado for QR Code creation, my head has been swimming with ideas. Most of my ideas surround around ways that small businesses can utilize QR codes for more sales, more promotion of their stores and product awareness. I really see […]

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