Month: December 2017

How Much Does Social Media Cost?

How Much Does Social Media Cost? How-much-does-social-media-cost

How much does social media cost? Sometimes followed by the “What’s the ROI of Social Media?” For this blog post, we’re going to focus on a version of these questions. In reality, what you should be wondering is, “What does social media cost ME and my business?” Here’s why: We’re all in business to help […]

Why Outsource Your Social Media?

Why Outsource Your Social Media? Outsourcing-Social-Media-Company

Businesses are created to help others and to make money. While you may be keeping the budget strings tight, you may wonder, why would someone want to spend money on outsourcing their social media? Everyone knows how to do a post on Facebook, tweet a tweet on twitter or post something on LinkedIn right? The […]

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