Using Facebook Live to Build Business – Guest Krista Arthur

“You are not performing. You are having a conversation.”

Most businesses recognize the importance of video. By 2019 it’s anticipated that videos will mostly dominate Facebook news feed. One of Facebook’s newest tools is Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows users to broadcast and connect with their audience REAL TIME. Although it hasn’t been around that long yet, many businesses are already incorporating live video and Facebook Live into their marketing strategy.

When doing a Facebook Live, you can see who watches the video. At the same time, you also see their names and comments in real time. Thus, interaction is real time! And unlike Periscope videos, they are not going to vanish after 24 hours. You can save it in your timeline and then promote it to other social media platforms.

A video, in general, is a highly visual and interactive medium that creates greater engagement overall. But the intimacy of being able to connect with a real person allows businesses to build relationships and create trust much more rapidly that they could through other means.

In this episode, I spoke with Krista Arthur, the founder of Joy Code. Krista is an entrepreneur and she has used Facebook live video to increase her business and build a community. TAKE NOTE: It didn’t happen overnight! Listen in to these tips – you might find a great idea in there for your business!

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In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • [1:10] Background of Krista’s My Joy Code
  • [3:13] Advantages of Using Facebook Live for Your Business
  • [4:15] Recommended Length of Facebook Live Videos
  • [8:18] Tips for Using Facebook Live
  • [11:08] How Frequent Should You Do a Facebook Live
  • [13:10] Process for Filming and Editing Videos
  • [16:20] Social Media: Finding the Right Voice for Each Platform
  • [18:54] Plans for My Joy Code
  • [22:07] Advice for People Starting Out With Video


“You can only rehearse it to a point. You have to be relaxed and feel like you are really talking to people.”

“Sometimes you can give away too much content and it doesn’t encourage them to look more deeply into your website and want to work with you.”

“You can’t think you are going to hit a homerun the first time out. You’re not going to unless you are extraordinarily lucky.”

“It really is about being real and being in the present moment and not being rehearsed.”

“If you are excited about it and you are excited to share it, it might be something that you can talk about for 5 or 10 minutes.”

“Each platform has its own voice.”

“Just do it. Get over being self-conscious about it.”

“Consistently is really key.”

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