How To Get Into Your Google Business Page!

One of the questions most of my business owners ask me is “How do I get into my Google Business page?”. It can seem very confusing and at times, it’s hard to think of Google as having a social component. In the past, we always relied on content to get us up on Google page one (or ads)… but now, having a Google page for your business can produce great results!

If you are not already on Google for your business, we suggest you read this blog post: Google Brand Pages or Google My Business Page – which one is best for my business by clicking here. If you already have a Google Business page, know how to get into it, but want to know how to POST in your Google My Business page – Read our how to post step-by-step blog here. (coming soon!)

Before beginning this video, you must know what GMAIL account you used to create your Google Business page with. If you don’t have or know that – you’ll need to find out that information before you begin this video.

If you don’t know if you created a Google Business Page yet or if you HAVE a Google Business page – see this blog post on types of Google Pages and begin the creation process in the one that fits for you. If you have one – Google will let you know and you can figure out which gmail you used from there.

Another way to look: Open your gmail accounts and use the search feature in gmail and begin a search for the phrase “Google My Business” in your emails.

Once you have the gmail email address and access to that inbox for the Google Business Page you created you’ll be able to get into your Google Business page. So – with your gmail account open ….

Here is how to get into your Google Business Page:

Can’t see the video? Watch directly on YouTube here:

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