Google My Business or Google Brand: Which Is Best?

Over the course of my career, I have worked with countless small business owners that have had a love-hate relationship with marketing. Although each have absolutely understood how important it is to develop a brand and distribute your message, it can often seem complicated given the many different channels available in our digital world. To demonstrate this point, I often cite some of the wonderful features offered through two of Google’s marketing platform sites, Google My Business and Google Brand. Each have a fantastic set of features for particular types of companies but I understand the frustration in deciding which is best for your small business.

Google My Business – Marketing for the Brick and Mortar Set

With Google My Business, a small business can carve out a unique place in the vast online environment to attract customers, develop their identity and constantly update any new developments or offerings. Built for your brick and mortar business, Google My Business integrates your listing directly into Google Search and Google Maps to align a potential customer’s location and needs with your front door. The platform also provides a statistical summary for you, demonstrating which of the features customers use to find your business.

By including everything from pictures, location and hours, an interactive map, customer reviews and more, Google My Business is a budget-friendly solution to boost your brand recognition, tout your strengths and, with just a bit of diligence on your part, boost the conversion-to-sales pipeline that your brick and mortar business craves. Creating and maintaining your Google My Business page is simple, straightforward and will not demand much of the time and effort that are already in short supply for most small business owners.

Google Brand – Online Brand Building for Your Web Presence

Unlike Google My Business, Google Brand is a component of their Google+ platform, concentrating on the development and maintenance of your online presence. With Google Brand, you can create a digital face for your business, distinguishing you from the competition with customizable templates that allow you to develop a character and persona. In doing so, your Google Brand site can engage your target audience, familiarize them with your company and build the brand recognition and loyalty that’s so critical in the crowded online space.

More specifically, Google Brand allows you to curate your content in a convenient way, engaging your current and potential customer base while maintaining the flexibility needed to truly distinguish your brand. Aside from the basic features that allow you to continually update your audience on any and all news regarding your business, Google Brand also lets you create themed collections of pictures, videos and anything else that might foster a sense of comfort and familiarity within your customer base, further engaging it. Likewise, with its Communities feature, Google Brand creates an interactive forum for your audience to share their own thoughts, ideas and perspective, again engaging your customer base to develop brand loyalty.

Which Is Right for Your Business?

Although both Google My Business and Google Brand have much to offer small businesses, they are not meant to be readily interchangeable. As a rule of thumb, Google My Business is intended to generate interest and foot traffic to a brick and mortar company through its interactive listings and integration into Google Search and Maps.

Conversely, Google Brand is best for small companies that are either heavily or completely reliant on their online presence to develop the brand recognition and audience engagement that drive sales. Being extremely familiar with both Google platforms, I can attest to the power, simplicity and effectiveness of each. With eJenn Solutions, my expertise lies in leveraging platforms like Google My Business and Brand to maximize your marketing efforts and generating the sales you dream about.