2 Smartphone Hacks For Better Social Media Photos! – Guest Rinat Halon Neal

“As small business owners, we still have to show our presence online.”

Do you take photos to post on your business’s blog, website, or social networks? Nowadays, taking high quality images is an absolute MUST. Luckily, if you don’t have a high-end digital SLR camera, it’s no problem! You don’t need a fancy camera to take quality social media photos. You just need to know how to take great photos with a tool you probably already have: a smartphone. In today’s video, I chatted with Rinat Halon Neal, a world-renowned photographer with a personalized honors degree in Photography & Visual Merchandising. Rinat Halon Neal is spinning some photo tips for us and our #socialmedia photos.

Rinat’s photography career spans the globe. She photographed portraits of high-ranking government official & celebrities, weddings, culinary, high fashion, jewelry, architecture and more. Her photographs appeared in magazines and exhibits internationally. Five of her photographs were chosen to be part of the permanent collection of the Israeli congress. She was awarded a “Superior Artist” award in Israel. She is ranked one of top 3 commercial photographers in Oviedo Florida.
Listen as Rinat shares 2 smartphone hacks in order to make your images stand out and bring your photos to the next level!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

• Tips for Capturing Better Social Media Photos Using Smartphone
• Rinat’s Online Basic Photography Course
• Breaking the Photogenic Myth
• Being Confident in Front of the Camera
• A Peek Into Rinat’s Work


“Photography is not about the camera. Photography is about understanding lighting and posing.”
“There is no such thing as being photogenic. There is such thing as being comfortable in front of the camera. There is such thing as having a photographer who knows how to pose you.”
“Photo marketing strategy is beyond creating pictures. It’s pictures with a purpose.”
“Use your people.”
“Research shows that people are ready to do business the second time they come into a business.”
“With the photo marketing strategy, I get them ready on the website and our social media. I make people feel like they are already visiting the business.”
“Everybody is a photographer nowadays with the phone.”
“A photograph can devastate someone’s life.”


Links and Resources:

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How Photos Help Your Business – Interview with Rinat Halon Neal
FREE WEBINAR: Are Your Social Media and Website Photos Hurting Your Business?

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