Why Social Media is so Important For SEO

Everything online is destined to change … new algorithms, new designs and new sites with new ideas. Consistently challenging anyone who works or uses the online world. (Isn’t that everyone at this point?)

I found the following infographic done by Search Engine Land … it’s especially helpful. It’s an easy way for someone to review how everything you do online … (and I mean everything) works together.

You can’t have reputation and trust … without the social media part. You can’t have social without the quality content part. You can’t have content and social without links to share … the list goes on and it all works together.

Take a look at the SEO infographic below and see how you are currently doing in your online strategies! (click photo to enlarge the graphic)


Did you notice that personal plays a large part in this process? Trust is another high gauge of content. Are you still buying or trying to gain links on other sites? Consider this “periodic table” when making your next online marketing strategy.

Need some help pulling it all together? Give us a call … we’d love to help!

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