Why Facebook Ad Clicks Are More Than Google Analytics Show

Have you been confused looking at your Facebook ad campaigns at Facebook’s reported link clicks vs. what you see as traffic coming from Facebook in Google Analytics? We have!!

As an online marketer running campaigns, it stumped me when we tried to explain why this was happening. So, I’ll share with you the fun little tidbit we learned and why Facebook link clicks compare differently than what you see in Google Analytics!

It’s an Algorithm Thing

When I talk to clients about social media and it’s use, I talk a lot about “First Clicks”. First clicks to me is the first point that someone (a cold lead) has become interested in you from a social media campaign. (for my niche purposes) This means that something you did on a social site like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube generated an interest in your company or content. This is the “First Click” from that new online user. I LOVE first clicks. But that’s a blog post for another time.

First clicks are important for social media – but LAST clicks are important to Google. This means, the LAST click source to make a purchase or click on a link is what Google likes. Google is a little selfish – it wants to show it’s power … so LAST clicks are what Google will show you if the last click came through Google.

FIRST clicks are important to Facebook. Facebook loves to show ITS power by providing you with all the beautiful FIRST clicks in your campaigns.

So … are you beginning to see the problem and struggle for power here? Let’s take a look at how these both fall into place as it relates to Facebook Insights for ad campaigns and Google Analytics for website tracking.


Did you just have your “Ohhhhh…” moment? Makes sense now doesn’t it… it also provides you some interesting insights as to the behavior of the end user. Google searches, Facebook ads … do all leads lead to your website?

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Explanation Overview: Marketlytics. com and Smartly.io

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