How To Implement Calls To Action: Social Media and Website

As we consult and do audits on websites and social media accounts, we always find room for improvement on company sites every single time. One of the biggest and yet easiest things to fix and improve with your online marketing strategy is the use of CTA’s (Call-To-Action).

What is a Call-To-Action?

A call to action is defined by the dictionary as –

(in advertising material) a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to peform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive (e.g. buy now or click here ).

With this definition in mind, which seems simple, it can generate a whole list of ways to create calls-to-action on your website and even in your social media campaigns. This piece alone is where many, many businesses leave money on the table. Don’t let this happen to you and your business! (we offer free 15 min. consultations if you’d like us to do a quick overview of your website / social sites. Click here to scheduled a time for you!)

Types of Call-To-Action Campaigns:

Story-Telling: This is one of my favorite ways to create a call-to-action – telling a story about your product or service. This type of content marketing can be done with video, visual graphic or written content … and most people do this if you’re active on social media for your business. If you’re going to showcase your product or service in ANY way online – you must allow the user to know exactly where and what they should do if interested in your business. Too many times we see great content, time and effort being done – that last step of creating a call to action for more is almost always forgotten. … and that’s where money is left on the table. Learn more call-to-actions always work well with story-telling content.

Passive Actions: I call these passive actions … call-to-actions that exist and run in automation on your website. An example of that is my “Free one-on-one consultation” box that pops up on the bottom of this site. It’s a system that links people directly to me immediately. There are a lot of ways to use passive calls-to-action on your site. You may install a “help” box for people to receive answers to their questions right away or even a “Chat with us” box that will go a long way too. Another passive call to action can be a “sign up” box… something that allows people to sign up for an offer you have or to simply sign up for your monthly email/newsletter.

Direct: I think of direct calls-to-action as being just that. Directly asking for the sale, the click or any type of action. This can be utilized both on your website and within your social media campaigns. Click here: (link) is a great example of a direct call to action. Buy here: (link) Even with your social media posts – if you are just expecting a customer (potential customer) to know where to find you, your service or your product without including a link to where they can find (or purchase) something from you … you are leaving money on the table.

These are just a few ways that can take a look at your social media sites and your website to see where you can improve on any needed call-to actions. If you’d like us to look over your site – schedule a time with us here: Schedule a free consultation

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