Social Media ROI – We’ve Been Looking at it Wrong!


Let’s face it … the elephant in the room, the question always asked and a provided answer that’s either spun, avoided or honestly answered that leaves very few people happy: What’s the ROI of Social Media?

While there are so many ways to use social media for your company/brand …

… I just read an interesting article by Adobe that finally put to words what we’ve been saying all the time but in a much simpler way. Look at the first clicks, not the last click!

I admit it, as an online marketer, we tend to view that last click that lead to a sale as our means of ROI measurement. More sales from Google ads = more marketing budget sent in that direction. But what if that’s wrong?

You can read the full article here and gain the insights and stats for yourself. Adobe Digital Index Research paper which monitored 225 websites and their activities.

Case in point:

Ever hear of Blendtec blenders? How about those funny “Will it blend” videos?

They are still going strong and still make us chuckle. Frankly, I enjoy the videos and when I need a new blender? I can’t help but think of Blendtec. Even when I see blenders in the store, the first thing that comes to mind is … “Will it blend?” Prior to this concept and videos … I’ve never heard of Blendtec. Know what? How many of you never heard of them until reading this post and watching the video?

Exactly. First Click.

The article from Adobe provides a more detailed social behavior reality and one that we also have probably done ourselves. The article also provides side to side comparisons between first and last click scenarios. I encourage you to take a look at it and decide for yourself.

Looking at past and current clients, it’s the social marketing efforts that bring a brand to life, engages with people and brings awareness of a company, product, brand or service.

What are your thoughts on the ROI or ROE (Return On Engagement) of social media? Would love to read your views in the comments below!

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