Realtors Using Social Media – Guest Kathy Williams

This post is part of the eJenn Solutions podcast series! This is episode #2 with Guest Kathy Williams. Listen in as we learn about Kathy’s business, how she’s become successful as a Realtor in Orlando and how she’s used social media in her career as a Real Estate Agent!

About Kathy Williams – Orlando Realtor:

Kathy has been living in and serving Orlando for over 30 years! She is married to Sean and they have 2 adult children, Savanna and Joshua, and 2 furry family members, Lucy and Leah. She loves the Florida lifestyle and enjoys Paddleboarding, hiking, cycling, golfing and beach time. Serving her customers at the highest level is her goal in her Real Estate business and providing a understanding of the Orlando market is her specialty.

Listen in to Kathy’s Interview here:

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