Make It Easy For Me!

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make it easy for meAs we go about working on our client accounts, there are a few tips that I can share with others out there. Today’s tip is all about things you can do to get your message spread a little easier.

What’s the magic banana you ask??

Make It Easy For Me!

As a blogger, I’m approached by PR companies and other social media coordinators in the hope that I will help spread the word on whatever project they are working on. I love being able to help, most people do. I DON’T love helping if I have to do all the work on top of spreading the message.

Example: I received an email with a PDF attachment from a social media coordinator asking me to spread the word on the event his client was having. Just an email. Just a PDF. How could he have made it easy for me?

  • Providing an Elevator Pitch on the event.
  • Providing a shorten link to the event / website with the event information so it can easily be tweeted. (Even better, form an easy “tweet” to copy and paste!)
  • Provide a link to the website to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr or other sites. Send something easily shareable. PDF’s don’t work for sharing.
  • Want people to bookmark the event if appropriate? Be sure to suggest what sites. Make sure you send the right link / info

Making things easier to share and providing suggestions on how to share the event not only provides a sigh of relief to the person you are asking for help … but it also allows you to control how your message is shared.

While we are on the subject of making things easier … want those Tweets ReTweeted? Be sure to leave a space so others don’t have rework your 140 characters to make the RT possible … remember … a RT consists of a user ID and the “R” “T” letters. Save at least 10 characters for an easy RT … keep your original message to about 130 characters if able!

Can I get a RT???

Hope this helps you in your endeavors.

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