How To Add Facebook Event Content With No Events!

Here is a great way to keep your Facebook Business page filled with event content … without having events of your own! I love this little feature because not only do you create content for you, but you are engaging within your own industry or local area!

Anything that can create engagement with your Facebook fans and help you engage locally within your community is a win-win in my book! (and I hope your book too!)

This is just a quick tip for you to use on your own business page! It helps promote an event, keeps you with content and gives the original host of the event the credit they deserve as the event creator!

Events you may want to consider for Facebook Event Sharing:

  • You have a booth at an expo, conference or event
  • You have a partnership with a company
  • You are a guest speaker at an event
  • You are going to be interviewed at an event
  • You are the keynote speaker
  • You are the presenter at an event

…. the list is limitless when you are not the original creator of an event.

This of course does not mean that you don’t want to create your own Facebook Events! With some of the Facebook features that are out there for events – creating and publishing an event on your page becomes even more important to get the word out … more on that in a blog post later.

The step-by-step process for sharing other events on your Facebook event page:

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