How a Cannabis Catering Company Uses Social Media! – Guest Chef Jazz

If your business is not yet into Instagram, now is definitely the time to set up an account and get started. Instagram has reached 1 billion monthly active users with less competition and a more engaged audience than other social media giants. The beauty of using Instagram for business is that the platform isn’t reserved for any particular brand. Whatever your business is, whether you are selling a product or a service, there’s definitely an audience on Instagram that’s waiting for you.

In this episode, we are joined by Chef Jazmine Moore of Green Panther Chef. Through their products and services, they help to bridge the gap between cannabis and food for health and happiness. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2006 changed the life of Chef Jazmine Moore. Cooking with cannabis was born out of desperation to regain control and relief. Years of trial and error boils down to two points Cooking is Art, Cooking with Cannabis is Science.

Aside from word of mouth, email marketing and direct mail, social media takes a huge part on growing her cannabis business. Chef Jazz integrates Instagram into her business, and she does it effectively. Listen and learn more about how Chef Jazz used #SocialMedia and hashtags (see what we did there?!?) to gain new clients and develop a community around conscience use of Cannabis in her edibles!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn Chef Jazz and ….:

  • [1:10] Meet the Green Panther Chef – Jazmine Moore
  • [5:20] Bridging the Gap between Cannabis & Food
  • [7:20] How to Integrate Instagram in Your Business
  • [8:12] Using #Hashtags Effectively and Efficiently
  • [10:05] Utilizing Instagram’s LIVE Feature and Other Social Media Platforms
  • [13:00] What’s Your Favorite Cannabis Strain? Check out Chef Jazz’s Canna-Butter
  • [14:40] Want to Learn More? Book a Consultation with Chef Jazz
  • [15:37] Eat Your Green: The Conscious Condiment Line
  • [18:51] Examples of Culinary CBD products
  • [20:03] What’s Next for Green Panther Chef?
  • [21:15] Chef Jazz’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Watch the episode here:


“People are actually looking like I’m my own case study.”

“Cannabis is great, but you also have to have other components and that’s nutrition.”

“Social Media, especially Instagram and Twitter, has really gotten me in front of the eyeballs that I really need to see.”

“Hashtags pinpoint your user segment.”

“In Instagram, people don’t like a lot of copy in their photos. They like live action shots.”

“Know your audience.”

“Research your #Hashtags and don’t give up.”

“Consistency is key. It builds trust.”

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