Easy Writing Ideas for Business with Guest Karen McRae

“Start with your customers.”

In writing blog posts for your business, the very first step (and probably the most crucial one!) is knowing your target audience. Most businesses now understand the importance of high-quality content for a blog. But what exactly factors into writing a high-quality written blog post? In today’s episode, Karen McRae, the Karen behind Karen Writes, discusses Do’s and Don’ts when writing blog posts for your business.

Blogging for your business helps you sell your product or service by giving value up-front. Karen McRae is a writer for businesses. She helps people express themselves through words/content so that they attract the right customers to their business. She helps people feel the impact of why you do what you do. For Karen, your customer is the top thing to keep in mind when writing because you know the people who need you better than anybody. You know how to help, how to make their lives better.

Listen as Karen shares her knowledge and tips on writing blog posts for businesses. PLUS, Karen is generous enough to give a FREE 15-minute Competitive Analysis with eJenn Solutions listeners. Learn more about it towards the end of this episode. You don’t want to miss this one!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

• Tips on Writing Blog Posts for Your Business
• Where to Get Blog Posts Ideas
• Using Smaller Words
• Avoiding Big Block of Texts
• Using Yelp and Google Reviews to Your Advantage
• Knowing Your Business Competitors
• Easy Writing Ideas for #Business


“You need all this content. This content helps you when you don’t even know it.”
“Sit down and break down all the questions that your customers ask you. Those are the things you write on your blog posts.”
“Don’t talk about yourself when you are writing your blog post.”
“Give away as much as of your knowledge as you can on a blog post and that will just come back to you ten-fold.”
“Don’t use a bigger word when a smaller word will do.”
“You want to use phrases and language that your customers use.”
“Write to one person. Pick your favorite client.”
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