Building Communities – with Penelope Trunk

Are you an aspiring women entrepreneur? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

I had a great time sitting down and chatting with Penelope Trunk, an entrepreneur, writer and journalist. She has played professional beach volleyball, founded four startups and exited two. She’s been named one of “the top ten most influential women in tech” by TechCrunch and has been named “the world’s most influential career coach” by Inc. magazine.  She did all of these while being a full-time MOM!

Listen and learn more about Penelope’s Journey and how she juggled business and parenting. We also discuss building communities and making money off of it. Tune in!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • [0:55] Road to Journalism: Penelope’s Journey
  • [6:20] Tips and Advices for Mompreneurs
  • [9:05] Making Money Off of a Community
  • [12:23] Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • [19:00] A Peek on Penelope’s Website and Services
  • [24:00] Thoughts from Penelope


“Once your parents are lying about what you are doing and you are not making any money, then risk-taking becomes a lot easier.”

“The only thing the internet does that is good for women is that it is not so lonely sitting on the playground.”

“Influencers get their influence offline and then, bring it into Instagram as a way to market their influence to brands.”

“There are no huge audiences that were organic.”

“You don’t need a community to do well on Facebook.”

“Someone is either good at selling or good at developing courses.”

“It’s great to talk to people who are real and everyone should try to find that.”

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Penelope’s Website
Penelope’s Courses

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