Legacy Contact
What happens to your Facebook profile if you should pass away? It’s a question that has been in the minds of many people. It’s also a sad reminder of life in general. The issue has just been addressed by Facebook.

Facebook has just announced a new feature called “Legacy Contact” which will allow you to select a person who will be in charge of your Facebook profile once you pass away and allow you to decide what you want to happen to your profile.

What can a Facebook Legacy Contact do?

Once Facebook is alerted to a persons passing by reporting a deceased person, Facebook will follow your advanced selections for memorializing your profile. The new process for memorializing a profile will now include contacting your selected Legacy Contact.

Your Legacy Contact will be able to:

  1. Change your profile and cover photo
  2. Respond to new friend requests
  3. Pin final words or information on a memorial service to your profile

You also have the option of allowing your legacy contact to download a copy of your photos and other items you’ve shared on Facebook. The legacy contact cannot read message or remove friends. For a full overview of what a Legacy contact can do … read more here.

How to select your Legacy Contact on Facebook:

Log into your Facebook profile and go into your security section like the photo below

legacy contact(Click image for larger size)

After choosing the contact, you’ll have the option to send them a message alerting them to your wishes like the one below

What_legacy_contact_receives(Click image for larger size)

You then have the option to select how you want your profile handled after your passing – you can have your account deleted or allow the data to be downloaded by your legacy contact.

(Click image for larger size)

Once a profile is memorialized – it will immediately be provided with the word “Remembering” in front of the persons name.

Legacy Contact timeline profile(Click image for larger size)

If you’d like more information on how to set this up – you can of course click any of the links provided in this link: What happens to my profile when I pass away?