10 Sites To Submit Your Press Release For Free

Did something special happen at your business? Do you have a big event coming up that you want to get out on the web? If you’re searching for a cheap way to submit your press release – the following sites may help you!

Before you submit your release, to get the best exposure for your hard work, make sure you’ve written a great release that people will want to read. Strike that … a press release that a journalist or blogger will want to read. In today’s age, even getting a release shared on social sites is great help!

The following are my tips for creating a good press release:

  1. No spammy irrelevant information. period. Gone are the days of press releases stuffed full of SEO keywords and phrases. Reputable sites that accept press releases require releases that have all the right components.
  2. Write a catchy / genuine headline for your press release.
  3. Write the body – Start with the date, city in which the press release originates. The first paragraph should grab attention and sum up the reason for the release.
  4. Communicate the following clearly: Who, what, when, where, why … and then create a “how”. Be percise and not too wordy.
  5. Make the content applicable to your audience / demographic.

Once you have your release written – it’s time to submit. The following are sites with fairly easy ways to manually submit for approval or instant distribution on their sites.











Of course this manual process can be time consuming. If you have the time or the staff – keep going with press release submission! If you need further assistance, of course we’d love to help you with writing a release and submission. There are also various sites who help with AP submissions as well as help you craft your press release.

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