In 2014 we received this really cool graphic from a company that took a look at all the actions happening on Google every 60 seconds. That infographic was pretty impressive. For 2014.

Today, we happened upon an updated graphic that we wanted to share with everyone from Smart Insights. Their new version is a snap shot overview of what is happening on the Internet every 60 seconds. That’s right – every minute the following things are taking place!

Every 60 Seconds Takeaway

As you can see … 2014 is way in the past. The subtitle of this is “Managing Content Shock”. If all these things are going on at a rate of every minute, how does a small business keep up? How does someone weed through all the noise to be noticed?

It’s struggle for everyone that has a business, local or national, online or brick and mortar. The underlying strategy for all businesses should always remain the same. Know your customer, Care about your customer and be consistent with them.

The next steps that will affect online marketing and businesses in the upcoming years. Artificial Intelligence, Voice Search and Virtual Reality. Just to name a few things. Our technology intelligence is moving forward at lightening speed. Block chain processes, wearable tech, beacons, 5G networks … it keeps going!

Staying on top of what’s new, changes in algorithms and more are something a small business owner needs to be aware of. We try to keep everyone on point. To be a part of our up-to-date tribe – please feel free to sign up for our monthly newsletter. It’s a monthly “snack” of one actionable thing you can do for your business to keep up with changes.

According to MOZ, Google changes it’s algorithm 500-600 times a year with minor adjustments. Each year there are MAJOR changes and MOZ reports (at the time of this writing) that in 2018, they have 9 confirmed major changes in Google’s Algorithm. Now, let’s translate that to you … how many times did you make sure your website was updated to work with those changes last year?

Don’t worry – it’s a rhetorical question!

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