solo… and we LOVE that!

You don’t want to make the commitment to work with a social media team yet and you’re going to train on your own.

I congratulate your grit!


Here’s how we can assist you in this journey:

  • We have a whole DIY Social Media Start-up Online Class.  We talk about how to set-up each site correctly (great to review if you have sites set-up!) and the types of content, hashtags and the culture of each site explained.  The basics … you’ll need to know this as you start! Click here for some sample lectures:  DIY SOCIAL MEDIA
  • We can help you find content for your postings!  Start with a one hour consultation by talking with us for a free 15 min. discovery call!
  • We can help you create content for your business … but this we need to chat about!  Connect with us here to schedule a time: Schedule a Call


What we have FREE for you right now!

Drop us a line and tell us how we can help further!

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