branding watermark for YouTube videos

There are so many exciting features within YouTube. In fact so many that most people don’t have the time to make sure their YouTube channels are optimized with all the great features offered.

Adding a branding watermark does a number of things for you as the channel owner. It’s a very easy way to get people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel while they are watching a video they are viewing (and interested in). When someone hovers their cursor over your branding watermark on the YouTube video … information about your channel is shown and allows them an easy way to subscribe to your channel! We all want more subscribers right?!

If they are already a subscriber and hover over the branding watermark on your YouTube video … they will be able to quickly click over to your channel to view all your other videos!

Either way … this is a win-win for you and your viewer!

How To Create A Branding Watermark On YouTube Videos

Your image should be 800×800 … YouTube will size this down for you to fit the parameters of the watermark. Transparent backgrounds are great (and some marketers suggest this), but try a few different looks for you channel and see what works for you. In our case – we like having a solid colored background for easier clicking/subscribing.

How To Upload Your Branding Watermark On YouTube Videos

Go to your Video Manager button found at the top of your YouTube Channel page

YouTube Video Manager Button
(Click image for larger view)

Next – go to the “Channel” section in the Creator Studio (or video manager section) and select the “Branding” section like the photo below explains

find the branding watermark on YouTube
(Click image for larger view)

Once you select “Add a Watermark”, the following is what you should see and use to upload your image. Once uploaded, you will be able to get a preview in the box to the left. We find that going to an actual video gave us a better view of the newly uploaded watermark.

uploading branding watermark
(click image for larger view)

Note: You can select how long this watermark shows on your videos. To date, the options are: End of video, Custom start time (which only lasts the length you select) and Entire video. Use the option that works for you. We like to have the image up for the whole video length.

Best part of all this … if you are a data geek like we are – you can see how many people use this feature by going to your section in your channel. If you are feeling even more data geek-y (it’s a word!) you can try different logos to see which one produces the best results for you.

There you go …. more YouTube subscribers, more branding and more exposure for your business!