Of course by now you’ve probably heard all about the guy who promoted a British Airline tweet. Not only is his story in the news, but his actions and what it means for brands and customers across the board have come into new focus.

After you read that story … let it sink in for a moment that a customer shelled out $1,000 of his own money to promote a tweet to get attention. … or in reality … to be heard. That’s really what the underlying issue is about. He may not have handled it well … he may have crossed a few lines – but ultimately – this was his desperate attempt to be heard. How did he decide to be heard? Through a social media platform.

The underlying message to me in this scenario is that customer service is still the best marketing tool a company has. If people are treated right with your company, if staff is trained correctly how to handle situations and if you put as much priority into the customer’s needs as you do the money needs … magic happens.

Working with clients over the years, it’s a pattern I see over and over; treat the customer well and they’ll be your best brand ambassadors! Think treating a customer correctly is important … let’s see who the first disgruntled employee is that buys ads and promotes tweets.

… It’s a whole new world, but it’s still the same old world.

Think thru all the contact and interactions with companies you’ve had. What made you happy, what frustrated you … it’s all about listening and acknowledging … and social media is no different.

In case you were wondering the effect of his $1,000 spent on a promoted tweet … here’s a graph directly from him: