It’s a question I hear a lot from clients. It’s also a “fact” most clients tell me off of an article they have read in the latest blog or national media company’s website.

Stating times to post on any social site to me is the equivalent of stating how the housing market is doing. Everyone likes to listen and state those national figures … but ultimately, it comes down to your local market how real estate is doing in your area.

The same is true on Facebook. Everyone has a different demographic on your facebook page. Finding out when to post on YOUR page so reach the maximum reach to YOUR fan-base is essential to having the maximum exposure for each of your posts. Each Facebook page and each time to post on those pages for clients is different.

How do you find out the best time to post on Facebook?

Facebook has made it easier for us all!  To find out the best times to post on your page on Facebook, go to your “insights” section of your page.

You’ll automatically end up on the “overview” tab. To find the times to post on your Facebook page – click on the tab marked “Posts”.

Below is what you will see in the first section – the days of the week most of your “fans” are on Facebook:

how to know when to post on Facebook page, when to post on facebook page

In the second section you will see the TIMES that your “fans” are on Facebook. This is important because knowing these times will give you a little leverage at knowing when to post your posts. As you see in my example below – I will want to post my items around 10am in the morning.

times people are on facebook, times people are on your facebook page

There you have it! The best times to post on Facebook are the times you have the most of your fans active on Facebook! I would love to hear how this tip has helped you in the comments below!

If you’d like help with daily posting on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – feel free to reach out and contact me!