Facebook dark posts, have you heard this term before?  We use this term often and have heard other marketers use it as well.  It may be a bit of online marketer slang, but it has a very simple explanation.

Facebook dark posts are simply posts that are unpublished to your Facebook page news feed.  In other words, you create a “post” just as you would any other status or post for your Facebook business page – but it only gets posted to a specific audience and not on your Facebook business page for the public to see.

Please also note that Facebook no longer uses the term “Dark Post” but prefers to opt for the term unpublished posts.

Here are a few reasons to use Facebook dark posts:


Two types of audiences – some businesses may have 2 types of audiences following their pages.  As an example, let’s say I sell jewelry – both to the consumer and to retail stores at wholesale.  If I have a wholesale special price I only want to offer to my wholesale peeps or target potential new wholesale clients – I would use a Facebook dark post to target only those that are looking for wholesale opportunities. (or my current fan base of wholesale clients)

Attracting new potential clients – sometimes businesses will want to target a special price or specific content to attract new customers to their product.  Facebook dark posts are a  great way to handle this objective.  This allows you to publish a post that speaks directly to those people that are new to you or your product.  Your current fans won’t be bothered by an article, opt’in or offer they can’t participate in or have no interest in.

For more information on Facebook unpublished posts (formerly known as dark posts) learn directly on Facebook here: Unpublished posts

If you are interested in how to set-up an unpublished Facebook post – then follow along with Facebook’s instructions here: How to do an unpublished post

If you’d like to have help optimizing and getting the most out of your unpublished Facebook posts – then we’d love to talk to you here.