Twitter direct message results
Sometimes it’s hard to know what you read about using social media for business will actually work for your business. There are many ideas floating around out there and you can read about a particular idea that someone utilized in their online marketing that worked really great for them and produced wickedly great results, but when you implement it, it falls flatter that flat for you. There could be many reasons for this from the timing, the business industry and more.

The truth of the matter is this: It’s your audience that dictates what they want to hear from you, because after all, you are listening to them right? We talk a lot about that in our Starter Group Discussions! So no matter what you read, the results of your all your “trys” are what dictates what really works. The question that comes to me often is the use of automated direct messages.

If you are not familiar with Twitter Direct Messages, this link to Twitter is a great explanation of what and how to use Twitter Direct Messages: What are and how to use Twitter Direct Messages

Should You Set Up Automated Twitter Direct Messages

One of the online marketing strategies suggests that setting up an automated direct message to a new follower is a great way to increase engagement, sales or email lists or followers to your other platforms. I must admit here that my opinion of this practice is greatly biased as I am sent direct messages consistently and I find the practice of automated direct messages in this manner to be the same as “spam”. This is only MY OPINION as a Twitter user.

Then I wondered, how do others feel about twitter direct messages? So, I did what any good online marketer would do … I asked a “Twitter Focus Group” (my completely made up group by use of Twitter Advertising) what they thought. The results surprised me somewhat…

I expected, or would have thought, that the majority of people disliked direct twitter messages. The truth of the matter is that most don’t seem to like it, but a large majority didn’t really have an opinion about it and a small percentage did like them. Even at 10% of my small group of 167 respondents … that’s actually not a bad number. Those were the ones that took the time to respond to the poll: 2100 people this poll reached, didn’t even care to answer! Those are the results of this little focus group!

So the interesting next question is …. what are the results of people who use Twitter Direct Messages in their marketing plans. Actually, the better question is … will your business try Twitter Direct Messages and monitor YOUR results…