Website builders – Professional Vs. Amateurs

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As the internet evolves and we see a need for better ways to do things – new companies will continually be formed to help in these needs. One such case is websites.

Previously to have a good website you needed a designer and developer. If you were an amateur – you depended on templates and structured sites without much creative ability. Designers (the people who come up with a great visual website) are completely dependant on a developer to take their designs and translate it into a website via coding expertise. It’s very rare to find a good designer/developer in one person. Typically – you have to find 2 to create a great website.

Until now – there is a new site called that allows the designer to become the developer! Nice isn’t it? This could help with a website budget as you take your business to the next level.

We’ll still see the DIY’er (myself included) but it’s always nice to know the next step or option for a small business. I was shocked by the following statistic that 45% of businesses still do not have a website. The graphic below yields a few more interesting stats.


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