Using Quora For Business with Suzanne Ayotte

“The thing about social media is they all have their own language.”

Nowadays, the ‘world wide web’ is jam-packed with useful, entertaining, and educational platforms to spend time, not to mention important places for brands and businesses to connect with their audience. Social media is everywhere and is vastly expanding. However, social media isn’t just Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – there are other sites out there to consider too! Do you want to build visibility for your business? Have you considered Quora? Quora is a useful place to share knowledge about your company and industry.

Today’s guest, Suzanne Ayotte, has been using Quora for a month and with that span of time, her profile already has 23,000 views. PLUS, she has already answered 400+ questions. She is a transformational, dating and break up coach. If you’re feeling like you’re stuck, scared, unhappy, lonely, just existing, attracting the wrong people, paralyzed by overwhelm, and you’ve had enough, she can help you to stop second guessing yourself, know your worth and claim your confidence.

Listen as Suzanne shares her Quora strategy with us and learn insights on using Quora effectively to market your business. Learn more about Suzanne and her works on


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In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • How and Why Suzanne Started Using Quora for Business
  • Tips on Using Quora Effectively to Market Your Business
  • Building Your Website
  • Utilizing Social Media Platforms for Your Own Learning


“Most of the times when we are going through a breakup, it’s the right thing for you which is very hard to realize at that time.”

“About 50% of traffic to my website is from Quora.”

“You have to start somewhere.”

“Small changes lead to big changes.”

“Pushing through fear in yourself is not always easy. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes.”

“Most people have been through a breakup at one point or another and it can be one of the most devastating things that happens to your life.”

Links and Resources:

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