“Our tool helps you get more out of twitter.”

Twitter can sometimes be challenging to use for businesses.  Find out if the way you are using Twitter is effectively helping your business.  Today we hear from Kevin Garber.  Kevin gives us his Twitter insights, and we learned more about his useful Twitter management program, ManageFlitter.

Kevin Garber is the CEO and founder of ManagerSocial and ManageFlitter.  ManageFlitter has won numerous awards including 39th place in the Australian Anthill SMART100 2011 Awards, 17th place in the Australian Anthill SMART100 2011 Awards Readers’ Choice category, a finalist in the 2012 Shorty Awards in the apps category, and a finalist in the 2014 Premier’s NSW Australia Export Awards.  Kevin is also the host of the It’s a Monkey Podcast, covering the latest technology news – including interviews with tech industry entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and individuals creating positive change through technology.


  • Tips on using Twitter for business
    • How to declutter your Twitter account
    • SEO tools to help you get more out of Twitter
    • Find your Twitter followers by location

Watch the Interview here:


“Twitter is everything I love about online, it’s a community.”
“Nearly four million people have tried our product.”
“Don’t get intimidated by the Silicon Valleys.”
“Find a way to find your bread and butter.”
“Our tool helps you get more out of twitter.”
“I like Twitter because I’m an information junkie and I love smart people.”
“I need to keep one eye on where everything is going”



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