Twitter has become one of the most prominent social media platforms because it is very diverse.  It allows you to share both pictures and text.  Whether you are advertising a new product or sharing an idea it can all be done from Twitter.  Twitter has a unique theme to it, you can only Tweet 140 characters at a time.

Or that was, you could only Tweet 140 characters until recently.  Now you can Tweet up to 280 characters!

Why did Twitter make this change?  One of the reasons that this change came about was that Twitter noticed Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean were not nearing the character limit.  That is because these languages use one character to represent a whole word.  Only 0.4% of Japanese Tweets hit the character count limit.

On the other hand, Tweets in English were hitting the character limit more often.  At 9% of Tweets hitting the character limit, it was found that English users of Twitter were hitting the limit much sooner.

Part of Twitter’s mission is to allow users to fully express themselves.  With people who speak one language are able to express themselves but another cannot, they found it was not fair exchange.


Less Space, Less Time On Twitter


They also believe that if they increase the character limit on Twitter people will spend less time editing their thoughts.  The more time people spend editing their thoughts, the less likely they are to say what they are actually thinking.

This all comes after Twitter beta tested allowing a small population of users to have the enhanced character limit for the month of September.  Of those who tested the program, the percentage of users who went over the character limit went from 4% to 1%.  A good drop.

During the testing period, Twitter found that most users were still remaining under the 140-character limit.  That means that the brevity that Twitter has inspired to create still remains, but people are given the option to be slightly more detailed if they so wish (or need).

An interesting trend also happened with those who had access to this beta program.  Those with access noticed more followers, likes, and retweets during the testing.  It will be interesting to see if more people follow and like other users after the enhanced character limit goes live.

Tweet: Those who had access to the Twitter new character beta program noticed more followers, likes, and retweets during the testing with the 280 characters! read more here:

The new 280-character limit will not be put in place for those who tweet in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese.  This is due to their writing systems allowing for more to be said with fewer characters.

Twitter is still about keeping your message short but now they are enabling users to have a little more length.  While you won’t be able to go on rants, you will still be able to express your feelings and get your message out there.

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We’ll be talking about Twitter tactics and ways to integrate your twitter strategy for local exposure!  Have you been using the new 280 character count? Like it or hate it? … would love to hear how you’re using it in the comments below!