Google and Twitter come together

We’ve always been a fan about using Twitter. Twitter is such a simple platform and a simple concept – 140 characters to say what you want … but it’s also one of the platforms that gives people the most trouble. It’s complicated to work within if you are not familiar with the culture or understand how to “connect” with people on this platform.

What’s a hashtag? How do I find local twitter accounts? and …. What do I say? These are all questions we hear frequently. While we love helping people with their Twitter campaigns – we also love when twitter rolls out new features. This week was a new Twitter Feature week!

We all heard the rumors that Google and Twitter came together to have tweets show up in Google searches … but none of us knew exactly how that would look. On May 18th – Twitter posted on their blog “A New Way To Discover Tweets” … which basically stated that starting that day – we would be able to find hashtags and tweets in our Google search queries.

Tweets show up in Google Search App

The above mentioned post explains that you can search by a topic and you can search by a hashtag in Google search which will provide you with a great overview. So far, this ability is only available right now on mobile app searches. In other words – use your Google app on iOS and Android to do a search and you’ll see the tweet results.

How Can You Use This New Twitter Change?

If you think about your tweets showing up in Google search results, then it would stand to reason, that you’d want to craft your tweets to encourage clicks. You’ll want tweets to interest not just those on Twitter, but to those that my find your tweet via a Google Search.

Things to consider when crafting your Twitter posts: SEO keywords transformed into hashtags, current event hashtags in your tweets, meme hashtags, utilizing “how to” in your tweets and so on … You’ll need to experiment and see what works for you and your business. Keep an eye on those Google Analytics to see what posts or pages corresponding to your tweets get the most attention and create more from that information. It’s all about your specific audience!

There are so many reasons to be on twitter and use twitter for your business! It’s great for business development, great way to find and engage with people and it’s great for keeping to a targeted audience for local businesses. Don’t even get us started with Twitter ads!

If you are not on Twitter …. the easiest way to start is sign up. Integrate your email contacts with your twitter account for instant connections. More people to talk with … the more fun Twitter will be for you!

Twitter on friends ….