TrustToday Bing and Microsoft have announced a new partnership that would show a persons Klout score in Bing search results. It seems the need to have trust on the internet is something we are all looking for. Which brings to mind the following: How much of an online reputation do you have?

The lines between SEO and social media have become somewhat merged. Social media is becoming a very important component to your business or brand. Now there is a need to implement the trust factor in all our content and online activities too. There are many ways to increase your reputation; become more involved on social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. On top of that – I’d also suggest making sure your website and fresh content is always authentic. (You are blogging right …!)

Here are some sites you can use to check out your online reputation or see how your online stats are doing:

Klout – probably a good place to start with the last announcement! This takes a “score” of all your work, posts and engagement online. Some brands use this to measure how “influential” you are to other people. Think .. higher the Klout score … the more upgrades! Something to monitor for your business / brand.

Empire Avenue – This site is like the stock exchange of social networking. It looks at all your activity and assigns a “value” in the way of Eaves to you/your brand. Shares are bought and sold and all the analytics of your social activities are tracked! Don’t post for awhile … your share price goes down. Go on vacation and post a lot … your share price goes up.

PeerIndex – This is another site that monitors your interactions as well as the content you create! You can also connect with others in like fields, interests and find those people to learn from!

Trustcloud – This is a new site that I’ve currently tried. It seems very simliar to your credit score … but this is your online credit score. It ranks not only your online interactions, but incorporates your offline interactions thru the use of your Ebay score and content. It also assigns value to how long you have been online and how people interact with your current content. It also provide “badges” for you to place on your website, online classified ads and your email signature. Great way to help spread your “trust value”.

There you have it … you are on your way to a better online “score”! Do you have any other sites you’d add to the list? Would love you to leave the link information in the comments below!