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Daily Social Media Management for your social sites:
eJenn Solutions core work is providing daily social media management to businesses, authors, healthcare professionals, TV shows and personal brands. We take a look at what you are doing currently and make you more efficient. We provide daily social media posts to your sites and can work hand in hand with your marketing department. Strategy sessions, PPC campaigns, video creation, YouTube optimization, Newsletter Creation, List building and social site advertising are things we specialize in! We’d love to hear from you … CONTACT US to start the conversation!

DIY approach to Social Media:
We love helping and working with small businesses and understand those that want to take on their own social media marketing on their own. We’ve created the ultimate “Get started” package which allows us to work with you in creating a daily management plan that can be utilized by in-house staff. We provide initial consulting with you and your intended employee to start and continue with a great social media presence. Learn more about this package here: Social Media For Small Businesses

In addition, we create blog content that helps with specific “How To’s” for different social sites. Above in the menu you will find the popular social sites and any information we’ve written about to help you in your social media marketing process. Updating new ideas and suggestions to each category when learn some fun new tips or tricks to share with everyone!

Note: Social Media sites change often, as a result some of our posts may be out of date relating to screen shots and “how to’s”. We make every effort to update old posts – but at times – it becomes more difficult to go back and so much easier to move forward by writing a whole new post.

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