Social Media For Start-Ups!

Start-up graphic ejennsolutions
We at eJenn Solutions understand that creating a new business, product or venture usually leaves everyone a little low in the marketing budget area. We’d like to help that!

eJenn Solutions provides the ultimate daily social media management package for your small business or start-up!

Our small business / start-up package consists of the following:

  1. Social Media / Site Audit
  2. Demographic overview (identify target market)
  3. Identify key resources / influencers for target market
  4. Help translate your offline work to the online world
  5. Create an actionable plan to reach demographic/influencers to create your community
  6. We will help identify hashtags to utilize and how to find/gain new followers
  7. Provide a weekly plan with content ideas for you/your staff to follow
  8. We help with best software programs (and how to set these programs up), best practices for social site set-up and vendors that can assist and you can work with directly.
  9. Insights and analyzing … we help teach you what to watch and how to read the important key figures.
  10. We start with an initial 1 hour meeting (Skype, Google Hangout, or conference call) about your business.
  11. We provide the full layout of work, influencers and benchmarks for success
  12. 2 Additional hours are provided to answer questions by you and help staff if needed.

Additional service of social site set-up can be purchased separately if needed. Our package is a one time fee for the detailed package with consulting.

We’d love to get you and your staff started! Contact us to begin the process!