3 Important Takeaways From Pew Research’s Social Media Report

Social media and digital news have been under a microscope recently. From false news to rumors, social media has had plenty of scrutiny. Pew wanted to find out more about social media and our interaction with it. Here are 3 important takeaways from the Pew Research.   Americans have low [...]

Have you been Shadowbanned on Instagram?

Feeling like you just aren’t getting the likes and exposure each time you post a new photo on Instagram? There are a lot of reasons this can happen. It’s possible that the timing of your post just wasn’t a good time for exposure. You may not have had a very [...]

Google Helps You Leverage Your Reviews!

Wow, with so many options available, having a Google My Business page as a local business is so smart! It often makes us wonder, how are businesses still not on this platform? We’re still amazed at how many local businesses aren’t fully taking advantage of everything Google can do for [...]

When Should You Outsource Your Social Media

As many of you know, we always try to create content that is valuable to you and your business.  Most of the posts here on eJenn Solutions are all questions that have been asked or helpful tools to help you problem solve. While this post is not a direct question [...]

How To Calculate Your ROI on Ads

Thinking about running ads on Facebook or Google and wondering how to track your ROI? It’s actually simple to do the math on that investment. The hard part is getting the right figures and the right tracking set up so you can get a clear picture of the investment.   [...]


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