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Important Instructions:

Please let us know via email if you have booked a time using the scheduling link so we can send you more needed info. Email me at kim.legaspi0509@gmail.com

How to be AMAZING on Your Zoom Live Interview!

Before the Show (some things you may want to purchase!):

  1. Make sure that you have a good connection to your internet. Many people find that using the good ‘ole way of plugging into your modem with an Ethernet cable makes choppy voices a thing of the past! What is an Ethernet cable? You can see and purchase one right on Amazon here: Ethernet Cable you can get any length you need of course!
  2. Make sure you have a semi quiet area to do your interview in! Background noises such as significant others talking on phones, kids playing, dogs barking, washing machines and dishwashers running will all get picked up by live video. We’re unable to edit those noises out … so finding a quiet place is key to a great interview! Remember, this is LIVE … anything and everything will be shown or heard! (Make sure you like what’s behind you!)
  3. We want to hear your beautiful voice(s)! When we run through a 3rd party app, computer speakers tend to not be the best for sound. We encourage everyone to connect a microphone to their computer for great sound! We’ve used the Yeti microphone for years! You can also experiment with simple earbuds/microphone as you use for your phone. Whatever you choose, be aware we’re doing a live video, so we’ll see what your choice is for the interview. (rock those lime green earbuds/microphone!)
  4. Make sure the area you use for the interview has good lighting! An easy way to do this is to make sure all lights are pointing to your face. Lights on behind you make your face look dark and we’ll be expecting a ghost story from ya! We want to see your beautiful face! We’ve used this simple $9 light gadget for phone selfies and webcam appearances – the light is perfect! Ring of Light clip on!
  5. Testing, Testing! Once you have all these in place, do a test to make sure all things work well together! You can use Audacity to check if you need – otherwise – we’ll do a test before the recording.

Interview Flow




Tell us who you are!
Your Story

We want to hear how your business came to be! What brought you to this point!
Value To The Listener

What can a small business do to …. (enlighten us via your expertise)
Q & A

I ALWAYS have questions because that’s how I learn – I’ll ask along the way from your information!
Close Out

Do you have an offer for the audience? (remember it’s audio – so small URL’s easy to remember work best for landing pages or offers!)

Thank You

How can they connect with you?

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