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So you have a YouTube channel and a few videos on it. You may have minimal views, few subscribers and you many be disappointed time and effort it took to do those videos without results.

We find most client accounts need just a quick fix to some of the foundation basics of their YouTube channel. Those basics are simply creating an optimized YouTube Channel. Here are some easy tips to optimize your channel for more organic searches and to increase views.

Create a Channel Introduction Video for your unsubscribed visitors: Channel introduction videos are shown to unsubscribed viewers who come to your YouTube channel. This video encourages unsubscribed viewers to become subscribers of your YouTube Channel. This is done by letting them know in video format why they’d want to subscribe to you. Here’s our blog post on how to create a YouTube Introduction Channel video and video tips if you’re not sure how to create one.

Optimize Your Channel Name: Make sure your channel name reflects your brand and we suggest using your brand/company name. This will make your company / brand easier for search results. Your Channel NAME is distinct from your Channel URL. You can change your channel name from the channel page itself.

Optimize Your Channel Description: Accurately describe what your YouTube channel is about. Use relevant keywords in your description that relate to your videos and channel. Do Not Keyword Stuff. Make the description accurate, brief and to the point. Create a little interest by telling viewers why they would want to watch your videos and subscribe.

Optimize your social links: Utilize the ability to showcase all the other social site channels that viewers may want to also connect with you. You may want to tighten it up by only sending them to a landing page on your website where they can immediately learn more about you or your company. We’re big fans of keeping everyone always coming to your website. Keep in mind – people do have other preferences for following you … so leaving options open is a good plan.

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Channel Art: Make sure your channel art reflects your branding. Think of this art much like what you would use for your Facebook cover photo or Google+ cover photo. Don’t use a lot of text, but try to create a great visual about your brand / channel. Keep in mind that YouTube is watched on various devices …. so you’ll want to make sure your channel art is high resolution and will look good when being viewed in all formats. You can view the different sizes and formats directly from YouTube here: YouTube Channel Art Sizes and device views

Want to change your channel art? Here’s a great video that shows you how to change your channels art:

We love helping others succeed in their social media endeavors … we hope this helped you … if you think it’ll help others … please feel free to share this post!