Are you posting content to multiple Facebook pages? It’s easy to get into a flow and just post content to get content up on a site. This is especially true for those of us that have so many things going on. Business owners running multiple businesses or even being an “army of one” in their own endeavors.

Posting the same content on all sites may not seem like that big of a deal. After all, all pages and sites typically will have different followers and none will be the wiser, right?

I did a little experiment on a few of my Facebook pages. I wondered if the same post could be shared on different Facebook pages with the same outcome. The results surprised me.

Here is the photo I used for the “caption contest” on each site:

caption contest photo

Site 1: … a real estate company in Australia
Site 2: … a Canadian college facebook page
Site 3: … a real estate company in America

What happened next was surprising.

Site 1 – the real estate company in Australia immediately received likes and comments. With the participants commenting on this page, those connected to their profiles came over to add to the comments. This page received the most engagement for this photo.

Site 2 – On the Canadian college Facebook page. You might expect this kind of photo to receive quite a few comments from this group. Just the opposite, this site received only 3 “likes” to the photo. No one decided to create a caption.

Site 3 – The real estate company in America received no response to this post. (quite different from the real estate company in Australia) This shows even within industry – likes and responses will be different.

Now, there were other factors to consider in this such as timing of the post, etc.

My point to this little experiment? It’s simply this … know your audience on your pages. You may THINK you know them … but experiment with different photos, questions, topics and posting at different times of the day. Watching how people respond to anything you post will help you determine what items your “likers” will respond to. Since this is social … you need to be social.

This little experiment taught me that posting just to post, is not going to benefit you or your brand. Watch, listen and learn what those on your page like. Once you find out what and when they respond the most and seem to like … give ’em more of it!

Happy Facebook-ing!