UPDATED January 14, 2019
The Google My Business “Posts” feature continues to be a very useful, and woefully underused, tool.  While the basic mechanism of “Posts” remains the same, Google has made some major improvements in how you use it.  You can find the updated walk through at the end of this blog!
We’ve been so excited about this new feature and new way of posting in Google My Business! Have you seen it? It’s the new “posts” feature that allows you to create posts that show up with your Google Page in searches.

This feature is only on Google My Business pages, not Google brand pages (yet I hope!). Not sure the difference between Google My Business pages or Google Brand Pages? You can read our blog post on the differences and how to create the best one for your business by clicking here.

Here’s a screenshot of where this new feature is in Google My Business.
posts on google my business

This new feature shows up wonderfully with your Google page on Google – especially the mobile version! We’ve noticed great results with events! Of course – the key to getting great exposure with your events is to plan and post many weeks out before your event date. The internet is quick … but not that quick for Google searches / indexing.


Here is how the event feature looks for a performing arts center that has numerous shows:

google event posts

Pretty cool right?!

Wondering how you can create posts like this for your business? Check out the video below – we show you step-by-step how to post one of these posts once you’re in your Google My Business page. These types of posts are good for events, new client specials, packages you offer, discounts and a great place to syndicate your blog or website content! ProTip: publish some of your FAQ’s to comment questions for great results and immediate answers for your potential customers!

Before you begin this tutorial below, you’ll need to know how to get into your Google My Business Page.  If you don’t know how to get into that page – then you’ll need to read this blog post with our step-by-step tutorial.  That tutorial will walk you through getting into your Google My Business account.

Once you are logged into your Google My Business Page – this is the step-by-step instructions for getting into the post section of your Google My Business Page to create those cool event and page posts!

(can’t see the video – watch directly on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/U_zyZqKOVFQ )