Many performers use social media to promote themselves, whether they’re just trying to break into the music world or an up and coming artist. Social Media, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. can be a prime place for talent to be recognized.


These channels aren’t only used by the talent themselves, but also by those seeking out talent. It’s important to know how to position yourself on social media as well as know what professionals seeking talent are looking  for.


In this episode, I spoke to Christian Wolf of the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation in California. He is the executive director of the performing arts center. In this episode he provides excellent tips for musicians and artists and gives insight on how to promote events on social media.


In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • [1:15] Christian’s background
  • [1:51] Type of shows typically brought in
  • [5:32] Things Christian looks for in musicians and artists
  • [6:45] Social media used to search for musicians and artists
  • [8:39] Biggest challenge for Christian as an executive director trying to pick out acts
  • [12:15] Importance of social media and social profiles
  • [15:49] Sizzle reals and what you get from them
  • [18:45] Correlation between performers and social media
  • [21:00] Presenting yourself in way that leads to success
  • [24:32] Most important tips for performers


Watch the episode here:


“One of our missions is to help up and coming artists.”


“I always try to see the artist perform in a live environment, especially musicians.”


“It’s great when you have an artist that stands for something and has a passion about a certain cause. My thing is all artists should be authentic to themselves and their art, otherwise why do it if you can’t really be who you want to be but just know how to play the game.”


“Make sure you always have the ability to send out a full length show.”


“You need to know what makes you look good, what makes you sound good and it’s not always doing it yourself.”


“Really think about how you’re being perceived because the audience’s perception is their reality and there isn’t anything you can do to change that.”


“Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions of people who you might think have the answers.”


“Please, on anything you handout, have your name, phone number, website and Facebook, whatever.”

Links and Resources

Torrance Arts Website

Christian’s Email Address