foursquare mayor ideas, foursquare mayor parkingOne of the questions I get asked is what kinds of rewards can be offered to Foursquare Mayors? Not sure what a Foursquare Mayor is? “Mayor” status is for the patrons who have checked in to a given location the most times in the past 60 days. Learn more details of “Mayorship” with Foursquare here:(What’s a Foursquare Mayor) To help small businesses answer that question of “What do I offer the “Mayor” of my business?”, here are a few ideas for your foursquare campaigns.

Special Parking: As seen in the photo above, having a branded sign created at one of the first/best spots at your location is a perfect way to reward the mayor. The mayor at the time of check in is allowed to park there! Take a look at the sign – what a great advertisement for their other social sites and encouragement to others to “check in”! You can read all about Mission Market’s Foursquare reward plan here: Mission Market Rewards Foursquare Mayor with parking spot.

Offer a special party for new products or services:
Create a foursquare loyalty special for those who check in at your location more than once (2 times, 3 times, whatever you decide) and ask them to email you at XXX(email address)XXX to receive a VIP pass to your next launch. These people will be the first to sample or see in person – what new items you have before the general public. At the event, be sure to encourage them to share their findings on Facebook and Twitter. This will let those that may be bloggers have a “one up” on the general public to have exclusive photos and pictures that they can share with their readers.

Free, Free and $ Off:
Offer something free or something off if someone checks in on Foursquare. This type of offer is the most popular and provides great results. All kinds of offers work…Example: “Free pitcher of beer for first time check-ins” Think about your end user. As an example for the last mentioned offer, I personally would not check in that day if I was there for a business lunch. However, it would encourage me to come in at a later time, knowing of the offer, and bring friends. You should know your demographic, so try to tailor your offers to the highest times with the most people. Don’t forget to offer little things that can mean a lot – free coat check, free valet, free samples, sitting at the best seat in the house, skipping the wait list to next available, etc. Insider tip: Run a few campaigns simultaneously to see which one generates more interest.

Don’t have a location but want to use Foursquare?:
If you sell a product, service, have an upcoming performance, show or event – why not encourage your sponsors and vendors to set up a foursquare special for you? You can offer them / their customers a percentage off your product that they are selling in their stores, or you can offer off discounted tickets. The ideas are limitless if you work together with your sponsors and vendors. Consider offering that special “launch” or party I mentioned previously at their location with your new product/services … great way to network more with your vendors and get some additional people interested in your business.

I can help create Foursquare campaigns for your business – let me know how I can help by contacting me!

There are so many ways to get creative with Foursquare campaigns! I would love to hear a few of your ideas in the comments below. Or .. did you try any of the above tips? What worked / what didn’t work?