Transcribing YouTube Videos has been around for some time, yet it’s a feature that not many people utilize. We’re here to tell you that this can be a costly mistake!


YouTube is wonderful for those of us that love the visual side of things – but the problem with video is that what is actually being said IN the video will not be indexed by Google!  Think about it … if that video tutorial you just did was a blog post – you’d get traffic on that blog post because of the content and written aspect of a blog post. If you do a video – there is no written content for Google to pick up in it’s searches.

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How do you get Google to pick up your videos?

We have a few ways that we maximize our client’s created videos. It all starts with the creation of a great video – one that provides entertainment, instruction, or value as it relates to your business. We talk about how to create great content a few times on this blog – so subscribe and keep up with all our juicy pro tips for business!

Here is the “behind-the-scenes” of getting the maximum use from your created videos.

Step one: Create your video (easy enough right?!)

Step two: Upload to YouTube – use an enticing description, link to your site, offer or blog post in the description.

Step three: Use tags in your video that are some of the words you’ve used in your video. Make sure to keep your keywords that pertain to the subject matter in the video. If you are talking about broccoli … do not use the keyword Brittney Spears. Brittney Spears has nothing to do with your video – unless she’s in it or you named your broccoli spears Brittney. You’re call.

Step Four: Publish the video

Step Five: Go into your video manager and find the video you want to transcribe and select the “Subtitles & CC” tab (photo of where this is below)

where to transcribe youtube videos

Once you’re in the Subtitles & CC tab, you’ll see a bar with the language of your choosing. For our example, it’s English as you see in the photo below. Once you see that – click it! You’ll open up a whole new screen that will allow you to transcribe the video. You’ll also notice that YouTube has already transcribed your video …. to a point. We’ve found that the transcription of these videos has left a few “interesting” sentences. So, you’ll most likely want to read through and correct phrases or words that have been picked up incorrectly.

editing your video transcription

If you’re video has numorous errors and the length of the video becomes too long for you to stop/transcribe/listen/type … etc. Then we have a few services that may interest you.


    • –You can always go to and select a transcriber of your choice.
      •  –Or your can use our service to translate your videos into English and 10 other languages of your choice!

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Yep … that’s right … you can transcribe your videos into other languages too!

If you use a transcription service – you’ll need to upload that file right in the Subtitles & CC page, sync it to the video using the “timing” feature and save! It will take a little while for the change to process and show up on your videos with the “CC” option as our photo below shows.

cc video option

Once this option is complete – you can take that same transcription and use it as a blog post! Editing the areas that makes sense to create a unique blog post that makes sense to the end user reading the post! We like to embed videos at the bottom of each of those type of blog posts so that the reader can choose to read or listen / watch the video. It’a all about choices!!

Need some extra transcription tips – here is the link directly to Google and YouTube for more details: Tips For Creating A Transcript File