Do you have an image that you want to place on your blog or website that when the image is clicked, it takes the user to a specific blog post or another website / blog?

Creating a clickable image is great for ads in WordPress blogs in the sidebar. Or perhaps you have an image to share that will direct readers to another blog post for more information on the image subject.

It’s pretty easy – you only need a few lines of code and the URL you want people to go to when they click your image.

Here is the code below and the explanation of the highlighted portions below that!

html clickable image code

The first highlighted URL in yellow is the website you want people to go when they click the photo. Replace that with your selected URL.

The second highlighted URL in light green is the URL wordpress will give you when you upload the image to the site. See the screenshot below indicating where to find the image upload URL.

find image url in wordpress

The third highlighted section in pink is just to utilized keywords to identify the image

I hope this helps you create your own clickable image in wordpress or other website!