how to get more followers on twitter
Looking for ways to increase your tweet views, engagement and followers? Awesome, you came to the right place! First things first … if you want to increase your followers by millions in 30 days,this is NOT the post for you. This Twitter tip is for those businesses interested in engaging, creating great twitter content and building a community of their target demographic on Twitter organically. That looks a lot like work and it is work, but it’s rewarding and business building work!

Just like “get rich quick” programs that never work, neither does “get twitter followers quick” programs.

That being said, you will easily figure out how to get in front of your demographic and increase your followers today!

How to boost your Twitter stats

Let’s begin by assuming you’ve been on twitter, know what a hashtag is and how to craft a tweet! Having said that, you’re looking for a bit more. How do you increase followers and views to your content? The best way to increase you Twitter stats is to watch what and when you post.

The “What”: If you’ve been posting on twitter and looking at your Twitter insights, then you know what content overall is receiving the most views and interactions.

The “when”: If you’ve been posting on twitter and looking at your Twitter insights, they you will know what time content seems to be receiving more views / interactions. This is why you post multiple times on Twitter. If you are posting once a day, I encourage you to “up” that stat to at least 4 times a day with at least 3-4 hours difference in each post.

The “when” Example:
Tweet 1 – 8:15 AM
Tweet 2 – 12:10 PM
Tweet 3 – 4:45 PM
Tweet 4 – 8:20 PM

Keeping to that above posting schedule for at least a week will give you some great insights on Twitter. Change things up after that, are your 8 o’clock posts getting the most? the worst? … keep the time or schedule a new time and keep watching!

If you are a Hootsuite user, you can utilize their “auto schedule” feature to automatically figure out the best time for your tweet. This obviously saves a great deal of guess work and time for you. There are also services like Tweriod, TweetWhen, and Tweet Reach just to name a few..

Watching all these stats is great, but don’t forget that you need to have and share some great content too! Finding and creating great content to share on your Twitter accounts is a whole other blog post! But as I mentioned earlier in this article, you’ll begin to notice what your Twitter followers like and want to see from you!

How to get more Twitter Followers for your account

Finally, how to get more twitter followers. I personally and for my clients use a program called Pluggio (affiliate link). Funny name, but has all sorts of Twitter goodies! This program is great for giving you an easy bird’s eye view of your whole Twitterverse! You can create lists of people you want to follow and engage with, you can follow specific hashtags to get in on conversations and you can easily reply / re-tweet people with an easy click!

One of my favorite features is the ability to follow people who are talking within your industry or even your local community. (you can follow people by zip code!) When you dive in deeper to all the Pluggio has to offer, you’ll begin to see why it’s such a great program for your business. While I am an affiliate, I have been using this program for many years and still stay with it!

There you have it! Ways to increase Twitter stats and followers!