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SEO is a fun topic isn’t it? While our company doesn’t focus on SEO, we do partner with some great SEO companies! The reason we partner with SEO companies is for the fact that SEO and Social Media go hand in hand. To that extent, having 2 great companies work together on your online efforts can produce some great results!

I know I’ve gotten the rumblings from people indicating SEO isn’t working for them. We know that if the right SEO work is done and white hat techniques are utilized, you can have great results.

Let’s take that SEO knowledge down to your social sites. Yes, having the correct keywords and keyword phrases within your social profiles and content can help with SEO endeavors. When we do social site content with SEO companies, we partner with their efforts by utilizing hashtags and topics that correspond with the SEO keyword work.

You can easily do this with your Facebook page. Here are a few ways

Give Your Page a Keyword Vanity URL: Vanity URL’s (i.e. are a great way to reinforce your brand name and have your page show up in Google searches. Since Facebook ranks very high, you can bet that once you assign a vanity URL to your Facebook page, that page / link will show up on page 1 of Google when your brand name is searched. You can set your Facebook page URL here (must be logged into your Facebook account to do this)

Pay Attention to Your About and Info Sections: Utilize your about sections to create informative information but also include your keywords here. It’s important that you don’t simply place keywords in this section … you won’t be doing you or anyone coming to your page any favors. Be natural but create phrases that can include your desired keywords. Make sure to fill out all the sections you can on your Facebook information page … Mission, description, website links and any other section that is relevant to your business.

Link To Your Facebook Page: While we don’t want you to spend a lot of time creating links to your Facebook page (we’d rather you create links to your website) you can utilize other social profiles to create links to your Facebook page. Do you have your Facebook page link on your Google+ Page and Google+ Profile? Do you have your Facebook page link on your YouTube account information …. you see where we’re going with this right?

Create and Manage Your Facebook Sections: This may not be part of your SEO work … but we felt this was an important item to mention. Don’t forget to create and manage your page sections. Did you know you can re-organize what shows up at the top of your Facebook page? You can!

manage tabs on facebook

As you can see … we’ve created landing pages, and email newsletter signup pages … we prefer people to see this over other sections of Facebook. Have fun re-organizing and making your Facebook business page a little more SEO friendly!

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