appstoreiconEveryone wants to have their app reach the top charts in Apple’s app store. Lots of media dollars are spent to achieve this. What does it take to get on the top charts? Here’s information and an infographic from Trademob to show you how!

Getting your app ranking in the US Market is a challenge. It takes 80,000 downloads of your app to accomplish this task. Once you achieve that goal, the ranking on the top charts creates an organic effect and those organic downloads keep you going, putting the app developer in that nice warm fuzzy “safe” mode. What does it take to get those 80,000 downloads?

Per Trademob:

In order to rank in the top 10 of the iOS App Store, an app must achieve a high number of downloads within 72 hours. App marketing boost campaigns can boost an app’s ranking by generating (buying) large numbers of downloads in a short amount of time. The downloads achieved during the last 24 hours have the biggest impact on the ranking position.

How much does this cost? There is a great article on this written by John Koetsier in Venture beat on this subject as well. Taking the information given, John calculates the cost to be $96,000.00 for non-game apps. For game apps, the price is cheaper coming in at $56,000 to get those same 80,000 downloads.

Here is the infographic from Trademob:

how to get on top charts in the apple app store

You can read Trademob’s full article here: How to get top ranking in the Apple app store