Follow me on Linkedin

So you created a LinkedIn company page and your doing posts that are specific to your company on the LinkedIn Company page daily …. now what?

How To Get More LinkedIn Company Page Followers!

1. Get your employees and peers to follow your business – Let employees and your peers know you have a company page and ask if they’d like to follow the page for “provide reason here” (because you have a content strategy/theme right?!). Employees can be encouraged to follow the page as a great way to promote themselves with the business. Following the page also allows employees and peers to be able to use the content you create to share on their profiles!

2. Encourage Employees to “link” their profiles to the business page – Every employee who has an updated LinkedIn profile should be linked to the company business page as the example video shows below. You’ll know it’s properly linked when you can click the business name and it directs you to the proper LinkedIn Company page created for your business.

3.  LinkedIn “Follow” buttons – Generate LinkedIn buttons that allow website / blog visitors to easily follow your business page on LinkedIn. You can easily create this button once you have the company page published by clicking this link –> Create Your Company Follow LinkedIn Company Button

This is how the button should look!

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Of course creating original content for you company page and sponsoring those posts is another way to increase interest in your business. LinkedIn has a very targeted ad campaign. Contact us if you’d like to learn how we can help you with your LinkedIn strategies!