How To Get Google Page Reviews (and dominate!)

how to get google reviews
If you are a local business struggling to get noticed on Google Search results and more importantly – show up higher than your local competitor – I have great news for you! There is a program that can help you easily direct clients to leave you a Google+ local review! (we have their info at the bottom of this blog post with a special code!)

Why are Google+ local (My Google Business) reviews important?

It’s no secret that reviews are important to a business – but how important are they? Dimensional Research / Zendesk conducted a survey that indicated over 90% of customers indicated that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions. How about negative reviews? Well – negative reviews impacted 86% of the online buyers decision.

Invespcro infographic took into account how online users trust these reviews and according to their infographic, 88% of those reading online reviews about a business trust what is being said. In addition, people spend 31% MORE with a company with higher (excellent) review ratings! Makes you wonder how to get all your loyal customers sharing their happy experiences with your company doesn’t it!

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How Much Does A Negative Review Cost A Company?

Think no one reads those negative reviews? All it takes is a 1 star review from someone who may be unhappy to bring down your online rating. It’s especially difficult to have happen if you (as the business owner) did not know about the situation. Reading an incident online about your company or service that could have been handled by upper management to create a win-win situation but wasn’t … is a tough experience.

Does a negative review really impact your business? Yes – according to the same infographic and it costs you about 30 customers. On the same token, a positive review can increase your revenue by 5%-9%!

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How Do You Get Google Reviews on Your Google Business Page?

Start sending out links to your past customers and ask them for a review!  How do you make it easy for them?  Find the link to your Google My Business Page (The only Google page product that currently allows for reviews) by the following steps.

Go to Google PlaceID tool here: Google PlaceID tool and start to type in your business. (you must have a Google My Business page created AND have the page verified for this to work)

Take the PLACE ID and create your Google Review Link by changing out the “place_id” part with the ID you just discovered using the tool above.  Place ID to the following URL to create your link:<place_id>

Example for eJenn Solutions:  htttps://<ChIJNxSDQNRk54gRfoYfUNstWvs>  

This URL maybe a bit long for you … so use a URL shortener tool or better yet – use a tracking code by utilizing

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