Google analytics on branding pages
Google has made it easier for you to view your website and page analytics! There are 2 types of information / anayltics you can view on your Google + pages. This depends on which type of page you have set up on Google+: Google+ Local and Google+ Business / Branding pages. You should know the difference between these before starting. (Learn more about the difference between Google+ Local and Google+ Business pages)

Google+ Local pages have their own set of analytics. This set of analytics pertains to the way your Google+ local page shows up in local searches. You’ll be able to see things like what areas people are getting directions to your business from (Pro tip: think target marketing or the ROI of your print marketing for this stat). You’ll get the keywords people used to find your Google+ local page and any other actions that took place on your Google+ local page.

Google+ branding pages are pages that do not have actual page analytics yet. However, if you have Google Analytics set up for your website and you have linked your website (verified it with the Google+ branding page), you will be able to see your website analytics right from your Google+ business page dashboard. This is a great little feature that will save you some time logging into / out of different emails. It keeps your website and Google+ branding page all in 1 location for your review.

Here are the steps to integrate your Google Analytics into your Google+ branding page.

Log into your Google+ Page and scroll over the the left menu bar to the “Dashboard” item this is your dashboard:

google plus dashboard

Go over to the right hand side to see “Google Analytics”. If you have a Google+ local page … your analytics will already show there. For a Google+ business page, you will need to enable it. Click the “access your account” button and you will be directed to your website Google Analytics page.

add analytics to google plus

Still having trouble? Make sure that you are using the same email that is set up with your Google+ page and make sure that the domain in Google Analytics matches exactly to the branding page.

Really, really still not able to do it? Go to Google direct for more detailed information here: Add Google Analytics to the Dashboard and you can look at their troubleshooting suggestions here: Can’t add Google Analytics problems

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